I don’t get it.


Them videos

While going through the spoils of the last few months, I came across some really entertaining flicks featuring our friend Brent.   I hate how YouTube compresses videos, & as I have not yet mastered VirtualDub, I went looking & found a site that lists favorite video hosting sites other than YouTube.

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I’m so sorry, but I’ve moved again, this time by choice.   The Long Way Home on Blogger was great, but the ability to truncate a post was just beyond me.   I’m horrible with instruction manuals.   If I have to read the instructions then chances are I’m just not going to do it.   I know, I’m like this cranky old woman.

I read the Help Forums & the Blogger “Expandable Post Summaries” entry at least 10 times, ok?   So shut up.

Finding a design on WordPress that I like has so far taken me over an hour.   There are plenty of designs that can be purchased, but I’m doing the free thing, & within that parameter there aren’t a lot of choices.   Or, there are a lot of choices (for me to poop on) if you’re choosing a design to be viewed on a 12″ monitor.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.   Hopefully this will be the last time The Long Way Home moves, & I promise that the next post will be rather exciting.