Them videos

While going through the spoils of the last few months, I came across some really entertaining flicks featuring our friend Brent.   I hate how YouTube compresses videos, & as I have not yet mastered VirtualDub, I went looking & found a site that lists favorite video hosting sites other than YouTube.

Above is my first upload to Viddler, which I chose from the helpful list, frankly, because it rhymes with “fiddler” & I have a soft spot for stringed instruments.   Hey, I had to have some kind of criteria.   This is an evening out with my WoW guildies, some of whom were visiting from the mainland.   The star of the show, Brent, had been a great sport when it came to shots & provided us with much entertainment in the parking lot at closing time.

My buddy Tako attempts to wrestle with him (drunk guy wrestling – one of those things.) but then, as in all things with this group, the discussion turns to what classes we play.   So predictable.   lol

Viddler is free & so far it looks great.   Upload time was comparable if not quicker than YouTube’s. It also provides embed html that works with WordPress.

I did notice a lot of spam in my Spam folder the next day. Fortunately for me Gmail sorts this stuff for me, but for those without spam assistance, it might be better to sign up at Viddler using an accessory email address that you don’t use for important messages.

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