My grandfather.

1977-ohio-smallFor those who don’t know, I’ve been caregiving for my grandparents since February.   My grandfather began dying about a week ago & we’ve been taking care of him at home.   Anyway, I think he just died a little while ago.   I called my parents & my dad will be over here to confirm it.

I’ll probably write later about the experience of caring for my grandfather, but just at this moment I wanted to write something about this right now.

When I first realized that I was looking down at a vacant shell, I felt happy for him.   He’s escaped.   He was going crazy these last few days, praying for God to take him.   I was starting to really, really hate God.

And now, it’s finished.   Naturally there will be some hustle & bustle.   I don’t know if I should feel superficial about hoping I’m not expected to skip work tonight.   But the important thing to me is that my grandfather got away.

So, happy trails, Grandpa.   Good job.


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