Things I Am Grateful For.

1. My mom rocks.
2. My neighbors have already ended their ghettofest & it’s only 10:55pm.
3. I got a Thanksgiving text today — with my name in it. That means it was just for me, not just a single generic message sent to nameless faceless dozens. God, when’s the last time I got a personalized Thanksgiving text? It’s kind of epic, you know.
4. That the pilgrims chose a turkey for Thanksgiving rather than a rooster so that, as Lisa reminded me, we don’t all have to eat cock today.
5. My dogs & cats love me.
6. I still have my health. lol

And now I’m going to go play some WoW. In closing, I leave you with this video. If you can determine its meaning, then you are truly one of the elite.


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