island-wide-blackout-december-2008Oh, I know, I know — everyone went without electricity.

When the lights went out night before last I was playing WoW.   At 9 my friends were going to take my 54 mage through Stratholme & Scholomance, as planned a few days before.   Not knowing that the black out was islandwide, I texted Terry, “Lights out in Hi Kai — hope they go back on by 9.”

Silly me.

An electrical outage, though, is an excuse for me to bust out my treasure trove of Pier One & Illuminations prizes.   I even dug out a floral oil lamp given to me by an ex-boyfriend over 10 years ago (I still have it because it’s pretty, & I never opened it, ok?   But this time I opened it!).

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A Mystery at Kagami’s.

2006-the-reflexAs some of you who read the other blog may already know, someone has been deleting songs from the rather painstakingly compiled database of karaoke songs we have on the computer at the bar.   The deletion qualifier seems to be songs specifically sung by me, my friends, & mentioned over on the other blog.   I could be totally wrong; it could simply be that a bunch of songs were indiscriminately deleted & I only noticed the ones I would make use of.


In order to delete any songs at all from the computer database, the perpetrator would have to have access to the computer after hours, or be able to access the delete function at a time when the computer is not in use during hours.   From opening time on, Terrence is watching the bar & it would be difficult for someone to access the deletion function without his notice.

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Is a year old today.  To celebrate, he pulled down every single piece of laundry that I hung & ate one of my tops, then had a temper tantrum when I scolded him & whacked him on the butt.   He still got cookies at the end of the day.   Brat.


Grandpa’s stuff.

mothWell, today I scored a bunch of socks (yes!!) & boxer shorts that, sadly, I think I can fit. As we went through Grandpa’s shirts, though, I experienced a certain amount of sad reticence because when I looked at certain shirts I could practically see him there in them.   There were some shirts that I remember him wearing 30 years ago, as we safari’d through Chinatown for groceries.

When I was 7 I told him I wanted to be a fish cutter when I grew up after I saw an old lady slicing a bigass raw liver at the Kekaulike Street fish market.   It just looked so cool.   At the time I said that I thought he was laughing out loud because it was such a great idea.

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