A Mystery at Kagami’s.

2006-the-reflexAs some of you who read the other blog may already know, someone has been deleting songs from the rather painstakingly compiled database of karaoke songs we have on the computer at the bar.   The deletion qualifier seems to be songs specifically sung by me, my friends, & mentioned over on the other blog.   I could be totally wrong; it could simply be that a bunch of songs were indiscriminately deleted & I only noticed the ones I would make use of.


In order to delete any songs at all from the computer database, the perpetrator would have to have access to the computer after hours, or be able to access the delete function at a time when the computer is not in use during hours.   From opening time on, Terrence is watching the bar & it would be difficult for someone to access the deletion function without his notice.

2008-jennstarr-devonnee1So that kinda narrows down the possibilities of who it could be to our Saturday/Sunday karaoke guy, Terrence, his partners, & his partners’ friends.

Immediately I’d disqualify our karaoke guy, because he’s one of my best friends & I think I know him pretty well.   He’s not the kind of person to do mean things to other people, at least not people he considers his friends.   And unless I’m misinterpreting a lot here, I think we’re friends.

Next I’d disqualify Terrence, simply because Terrence is there, slaving in the bar 6 days a week, up to 12 hours a day.   He works his ass off.   Additionally, Terrence is pretty smart.   It doesn’t make sense for him to go out of his way to sabotage the very business he’s virtually killing himself to keep afloat.

So that leaves Terrence’s partners & their friends.

It’s puzzling to me that anyone would want to do anything to screw over his own business.   Even with the knowledge that Terrence’s partners & their friends hate me (don’t worry; I earned it!) (And would do it again!), it’s kinda excessive to hate me more than they care about their business.

I heard from customers who were there recently that songs we had sung just Sunday were already missing from the list.   So whoever’s doing the deleting has been busy.

2007-ingu-bdayThe vast majority of the songs on that computer were originally acquired for the bar by me.   Even the large selection of CDs that the current owners inherited from the previous ownership — since I was part of that previous ownership & I did all the shopping, & perhaps half of the CDs came from Louie, who was my boss at On The Rocks Cafe & gave us those CDs after he started using cavs units for karaoke.   Incidentally, more than half of the karaoke at On The Rocks were purchased personally from Walter’s Karaoke by none other than myself, since I was in charge of the karaoke list & did all the buying.   Since installing those songs in the new computerized karaoke system we’re using at the bar, I’ve actually spent my own money — not the bar’s money, mind you — to shop for more karaoke, & I only work one measly night a week there.

I’m not saying this to brag.   I’m saying this because maybe if you didn’t work hard for something yourself, you don’t value it, & maybe that’s why people can bring themselves to sabotage their own business.

Maybe.   I don’t know.   It just doesn’t make sense.   It’s not rational.

2007-09-11Kagami’s is a karaoke bar.   There are 2 dartboards & 2 touchscreens & other pairs of things to make it interesting, but the main attraction is the extensive karaoke selection & the quality karaoke equipment.   No cheesy, KB style reverb here; we’ve got Shure 58s & a Mackie 808M head hooked up to professional grade Mackie speakers.     We’re set up to do karaoke for professionals, & are graced with a regular crowd of them.

So you wouldn’t expect the ownership to fuck with its own karaoke.   It doesn’t take a musician or even the ability to sing decently to understand the importance of the karaoke at our bar.   Or does it?   Meh, maybe it does.   In which case, that would explain it.   There’s no IQ test anyone has to take in order to become a bar owner, & God knows just because you own karaoke it doesn’t mean you can actually sing any of it.


2007-dean-ianI’m going to stop providing new karaoke for our songlist.   The ownership can buy their own karaoke.   As much as it hurts me to hurt the bar, it won’t make a difference to my single night of work, since I have my dear karaoke guy’s library on that night anyway, & besides… I can just put the deleted songs on a flash drive & take it into work with me.

The 5 nights that the bar has to operate solely on the computer, there will be songs listed in the songbook that are not actually there on the computer.   Unfortunately it’s Terrence who will be plagued with explaining this to customers & then having to manually look up their songs for them.   Karaoke will be given away free due to these technical difficulties, but then so much is already given away free (not by me!) anyway & the bar will never make the kind of money it’s capable of making, anyway.

It’s the bar that suffers.   It’s Terrence that will suffer, but then that’s kind of how the partnership is set up.

It’s amazing how stupid people can be.   It’s a mystery.


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