island-wide-blackout-december-2008Oh, I know, I know — everyone went without electricity.

When the lights went out night before last I was playing WoW.   At 9 my friends were going to take my 54 mage through Stratholme & Scholomance, as planned a few days before.   Not knowing that the black out was islandwide, I texted Terry, “Lights out in Hi Kai — hope they go back on by 9.”

Silly me.

An electrical outage, though, is an excuse for me to bust out my treasure trove of Pier One & Illuminations prizes.   I even dug out a floral oil lamp given to me by an ex-boyfriend over 10 years ago (I still have it because it’s pretty, & I never opened it, ok?   But this time I opened it!).

december-2008-black-out-2My grandmother was in darkness, & fortunately I had candles in glass holders that shed a decent amount of light — & hazelnut scent — in her room.   She ended up hitting the sack early, which I couldn’t do, because that would wreak havoc with my sleep schedule.

I finished reading one of my Kelley Armstrong books by candlelight, then joined the dogs outside on the porch.   It’s amazing how relaxing it is to sprawl out in the moonlight, with 2 dogs sleeping on your feet.   Eventually I had to get up & go back inside because one of my feet had fallen asleep.   I also engaged in a text message discussion with a drunk friend until his phone died.   At times like these I feel a little smug that I have 3 cellphone batteries, all kept fully charged.

The next day was spent out in the yard, & I was mighty annoyed that the lights hadn’t come back on after 12 hours.   Nor did they come back on after 13 hours.   Although I had planned to go into the office I didn’t see the point since I wouldn’t be able to do any work without electricity.

Little did I know that everyone else already had their lights back.   Half of Kaneohe had it back by 5am, & according to my ex-roomie Joy, Kaimuki had it back by 3am.



2 responses to “18 HOURS DAMMIT

  1. great cat pic lauren. that’s really cool. maybe so you feel a tad bit better, our area of kaneohe didn’t come back on until about 1245. =)

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