Dog Park!

Just so you know, these tiny pictures are all thumbnails, so you can click on them to see what those little dots actually are.

Chie was getting spayed today, which meant an overnight stay at Kalihi Pet Clinic. I came home full of guilt & worry about Chie, who absolutely freaked when she realized I wasn’t going to stay & get spayed too, to find Jack all weepy & distraught at Chie’s absence.

I’d had 3 hours of sleep (drop off was fricking 8:30am), & during the morning traffic Chie had gotten carsick & puked on me, & all over the car.   I figured after I washed my dog vomit clothes & cleaned out my car, Jack & I could go do something fun, which he’s overdue for.

I did my washing, cleaning, & had a nap, & then we were off to the dog park. Jack was immediately converged upon by a bunch of dogs around his size, all friendly & eager to meet the new kid. This was not met with much enthusiasm on Jack’s part; he’d had a rough morning, after all.

Jack does well with my dad’s rather scary Rottweiler & overly rambunctious American Bulldog, as well as my brother’s American Bulldog.   At the vet he’s normally eager to sniff noses with any dog he sees (with the exception of 1 English Bulldog… but it might have just been the copious amounts of snot that would have been involved.), so I had kinda expected him to be a little more eager to make new friends… but I guess not.

After convincing the welcoming committee that he didn’t want to jump in just yet, Jack kept to the perimeters awhile, sniffing pee probably. I wasn’t sure this dog park was that great of an idea at this point. Maybe Jack wasn’t in the mood to socialize today.

A big mistake, I found, was my petting & chatting with a friendly lab that had approached me.   Jack immediately got in this dog’s face & then I had to pull him off.   Everyone was looking, but thankfully no one looked worried.   I glanced around to see if there were other dogs at the park that still had their sacks.   There were.   Ok, so Jack was just a jealous guy.   I’ve dated some of those.

Ok, so no more petting other dogs.

And then, a very lovely… fluffy white dog showed up, & Jack was all, “HEY BEBE.” What is that, a poodle? She was actually rather stunning, even to this human, with her gorgeous, bouncy coat. She could model the canine Pantene commercial & all the other dogs would hate her & call her a bitch.

Jack followed her around for a bit, but then she saw another fluffy white dog (I think also a female, but not anywhere near as flouncy) & the 2 of them ran off to girl talk & wrestle & whatnot. So, it’s like that.   No wonder none of the other guy dogs had tried to squeeze in.  

Jack seemed to be warming up to the whole dog socializing thing, & joined in with a race with a bunch of the other dogs around the dry half of the park, which is certainly his thing. The far end of the park had gotten muddy & I was gratified to see that Jack & his friends preferred to run on solid ground.

My trusty friend Jenna had shown up (in her dress slacks – now that’s dedication there) to keep me company, & as I stood there vicariously getting my daily cardio by watching Jack, she gasped & said, “Oh my God, look at that.”

It was Jack’s earlier flirtation. Man, had she been dragged through the mud together with her girlfriend.   Her owner cried, “No — no!” as the 2 girls rolled around in a 4-foot diameter, at least 4-inch depth, puddle of liquid dirt & rotten vegetation.   It was Girl Dogs Gone Wild.   Jack was having none of that – it didn’t smell very good.

“She just got groomed 2 days ago,” her owner said.

“I’m sorry; I’ve got to get a picture of this,” I said.

Jack had, however, found his fun zone & was racing around the park, thankfully avoiding the wet areas, with various other dogs. The muddy females veered toward him at one point & he was careful to avoid them.

Basenjis are reputedly clean dogs, that groom themselves like cats, & so it’s no mystery that Jack would have no interest in… some dirty bitch.   Sorry, couldn’t resist.   On top of that the muddy water also reeked of rotting vegetation, & the smell was apparent from several feet away.   I feel so sorry for that dog’s owner.

Jack was quite ready to go home by the time the sun was going down, & had much appetite for his dinner.   Now if only I could convey to him that Chie will be coming home tomorrow, so to not get any ideas about any of those other dogs.


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