Double Filet O’ Fish

This is the email I sent to McDonalds today.   If you are with me, please support me & write to them too.

I bought a Double Filet O’ Fish sandwich from this location today & it was GREAT.

Please give us Double Filet O’ Fish year round. It’s not like you need special ingredients to do it. I don’t like eating regular Filet O’ Fish sandwiches because the bread overpowers the fish. Double FOFs are the only fish sandwiches I actually enjoy from any fast food restaurant.

Also, it would be nice if your kitchen could get the fish patty at least SORT OF centered on the bun before it adheres with the melted cheese. Otherwise it’s more like a Jenga Game Gone Wrong than a sandwich.


10 responses to “Double Filet O’ Fish

  1. Its a conspiracy that food joints discontinue my favorites (that’s a blog I have to write) ~ so I will support you on your Double Filet O’ Fish. I personally can’t stand the idea of it…I hate tarter sauce ~ but Kevin loves it. I also think they should have the McTeri permanently too.

  2. I like a little tartar sauce, but since it’s too complicated to order anything “easy sauce,” I just settle for scraping it off before eating the sandwich. =)

  3. Awe some letter! I initially thought that you were going to rip it to McD’s about the Fillet. While they are at it, bring back the McRib!

  4. Keith just mentioned how much he enjoys McRib. I said, “It’s so messy though. You definitely can’t eat it in the car.” And he said, “You can if you’re driving home.”

  5. Well, I got my response from McDonalds today. It took me a moment to figure out what they were saying… which was nothing. lol Oh well.

    Hello Lauren:

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know that you enjoy the Double Filet-O-Fish. We appreciate your feedback.

    McDonald’s restaurants across the country may offer varying menu items due to local market options and the rotation of promotional products which are offered for a limited time only. It is our goal to provide menu items that are popular with the majority of our customers while maintaining quick and accurate service.

    We are glad you enjoy the Double Filet-O-Fish. Your comments are important and will be shared with our regional management that oversees the menu in your area.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

    McDonald’s Customer Response Center


  6. A better response:

    Dear Lauren,

    While we appreciate and understand your request to make the Double Filet O’ Fish a permanent part of the McDonald’s family, we regret we must deny your request for the following reasons:

    *We need to liquidate our filet overages.
    *The daughter of Ronald McDonald married the Tarter Sauce King and we believe in nepotism.
    *The McTeri and McRib might get jealous.
    *We work in fast food…we need to do something to irritate customers. We’re really bored.
    *It prevents us from thinking up something more appealing. The Banana Pie was our best effort.

    A Computer

  7. rich will definitely agree with your enjoyment of the FOF. we’ll let our friend know. he’s a mgr @ the mcd’s in kailua. =)

  8. they need to make the 20 piece nuggs widely available again… I mean really it’s only a friggin bigger box at a somewhat cheaper price than 2 10’s! it broke my heart to see the only mcd’s that still continues on the 20 chicken boots and ovals in all it’s glory is the crappiest location ever… Sports Authority McD’s EXPRESS!

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