Hinone Mizunone: food porn for Logan

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Staci & I decided to try out the new place on the corner of King & Keeaumoku.   “The old Taco Bell,” she said.   Neither of us even knew the name, but I recalled the outside looked cool & it had a parking lot.   So we met there.

Inside it still kind of felt like Taco Bell to me.   There were fewer tables but I could have been inside Wendy’s.   The tall ceiling & openness of the room gave a busy, bright feeling… like a fast food place.   I think some screens, hanging or otherwise, & some plants would soften the atmosphere.

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As The Bar Turns, 3-24

full_sexy_alligatorLike last week, there were 2 exciting incidents at the new job.

The first was that Waitress4 had taken herself off my service & so tonight my sister was my cocktail waitress.   I was pleased to not have to deal with W4 & delighted to work with Audrey.   We haven’t worked together since I was married, & frankly she hasn’t cocktailed for me since On The Rocks, which was over 10 years ago.

So I was looking forward to a real treat: a cocktail waitress that knew how to do a sweep.   Meaning, she is capable of obtaining drink orders from several tables, “sweeping” down the tables in an aisle, for instance, before returning to the bar to call her order.

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New job!

job-description-snoopyI’ve recently picked up a 2nd bartending job at a local bar in town.   Most of you who visit Kagami’s know where it is, & the rest of you are free to ask if you want to know.

This place is certainly different from places I’ve worked before.   The clientele is almost exclusively blue collar, & the owner is a Korean lady running a bar local style.   Probably the closest job I’ve had to something like this was Cafe Papillion on Waiakamilo, run by a beautiful woman named Tammy, may she rest in peace.   I ended up having to leave that job after punching a customer in the head.

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