Mafia Wars.

gamerWith Restaurant City over for some time, & the apex of the beginner’s rush on Farm Town negotiated (it didn’t take long enough to warrant a blog), I decided to revisit Mafia Wars, another Facebook game my friends had invited me to play some time ago.

I’m kind of big on interfaces.   One of the great things about WoW is that not only can you completely reorder your key bindings (you can decide which keys on your keyboard do what) but you can also completely re-design how your entire playing screen looks with all kinds of interface mods.   It’s one of the things that causes me to be stuck in that game; I’ve become accustomed to having things a certain (my) way.   I didn’t even last the free 30 days in FFxi because the interface was virtually unchangeable & I couldn’t order my controls to match the functions & bindings I had in Everquest (which I now use, mostly, in WoW.).   I’d log off, every time I attempted to get through a session of FFxi, annoyed as hell & thoroughly MAD at the game.   I’m a creature of habit with a touch of OCD.   I need to have everything a certain way.   Ask any of my ex-boyfriends.

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Snow Flowers.

snowflowers 300Outside the house we have a number of plants I grew up thinking were called “Snow On The Mountain.”   It turns out this shrub is actually the Hawaiian Snowbush, Breynia Disticha.

Meh.   Same thing.   You know, like Hawaiian time.   Although personally I think Hawaiian time is the stupidest excuse for being late I have ever heard.

So, these are Snowbushes. 

The colorful leaves on these 6 ft. tall bushes have always been fancy enough to never seem to want flowers.   In every other plant on our property flowers & fruit are kind of expected, & a lot of the plants bloom constantly, every day, year round.   The Snow On The M- er, Snowbushes, are one of the few non-flowering shrubs planted around the yard; yet they’ve always been decorative nonetheless.

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Doggy popsicles.

porksiclesI think Jack & Chie are pretty spoilt.

Since it’s started getting hot (& I swear it is hotter here than anywhere else in Honolulu), Chie with her rather thick coat has been suffering.   When she was a puppy & we had our first daytime car ride, you would not believe the fuss this 6 lb furball made – crying & wailing, nonstop – until I had maxed out the AC, closed all the car AC vents but one & positioned her right on top of it.

Even when we went on safaris around our rather big yard, Chie trotted along with the pack, but off on the sides, moving from bush to bush in an effort to avoid any sun.   Chie does not like heat.   She even prefers having a cold hosed bath in the back yard to coming inside the house to take a shower with me.

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