Snow Flowers.

snowflowers 300Outside the house we have a number of plants I grew up thinking were called “Snow On The Mountain.”   It turns out this shrub is actually the Hawaiian Snowbush, Breynia Disticha.

Meh.   Same thing.   You know, like Hawaiian time.   Although personally I think Hawaiian time is the stupidest excuse for being late I have ever heard.

So, these are Snowbushes. 

The colorful leaves on these 6 ft. tall bushes have always been fancy enough to never seem to want flowers.   In every other plant on our property flowers & fruit are kind of expected, & a lot of the plants bloom constantly, every day, year round.   The Snow On The M- er, Snowbushes, are one of the few non-flowering shrubs planted around the yard; yet they’ve always been decorative nonetheless.

Well, it turns out they have flowers.

correction, snowbushToday I was outside on a Poopy Search.   This is an event which occurs a few times a month, when Chie or Jack have decided that they want to poop somewhere new & exciting.   These times are indicated by a conspicuous absence of poop, but the trained dog owner will always know better.   I know that I have to go search for the poop.   Because I know that the poop is there.   Somewhere.

When Jack was around 5 months old, there passed a couple of days when I could not find his poopy.   I looked all over the yard.   Jack is very private about his business & it’s a rare occasion where he will even pee with someone else there.   He’s a Basenji.   I’d never expect to actually witness Jack pooping, but it was awfully odd that I couldn’t find any to pick up after the fact.   I worried a little that he was constipated, which wouldn’t be a huge surprise, since he’s a Basenji.

When we did find Jack’s poop, he had been depositing his goodies in the 3′ x 6′ area behind the tool shed in the far corner of the backyard.   “It’s like his own private lavatory,” my dad had said when he saw it.

jack snowbushAnyway, today I was looking for Chie’s poop.   As I stood there by her chosen shady resting spot (under the Snow on th- the Snowbushes, dammit), asking her where she might have deposited her poopy, I glanced at the leaves of the bushes & saw… flowers.

Little, primordial-looking, impish flowers.   They were sneakily arrayed along the bottomside of various end stalks.   They looked like little flowers carved out of wood.

I thought to myself, “These flowers are probably quite obvious to fairies.”

There is a ground crawling weed growing with the clover in the front yard that has orange & white flowers just this size, & growing in the same manner along the bottoms of the branches.   When it goes to seed, it produces rows of tiny lantern-like pods, all hanging from the stem.   Another fairy-type blossom undoubtedly unseen by people.

I bet we have fairies.

Don’t tell anyone I said that.

snowflowers close up


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