Mafia Wars, Part 2

With my newfound strategy, there were fewer & fewer asskickage messages to wake up to. The last person who had dursted me was some chick named Nadine, & that was before Godfather Rodd hooked me up with all the goods.

It was around this time – level 15 or so – that I realized I had to develop a better grasp of how the MW combat system worked & how I could best tweak my character so that I could own with confidence.   Over a series of communications with Rodd & visits to informational sites he linked me, certain things became clear which flipped my perspective around all over again.

MW4 clean sweep smallSize of Mafia.   It turns out that size does matter, because every time you fight with someone, everyone in your mafia fights along with you.   Therefore if you scrap with someone whose mafia has more people than yours, you are at a significant disadvantage.   But given equal numbers on either side of the rumble, inventory is what you want to look at.

Your Inventory.   When I say that your mafia fights alongside you, they don’t bring their own stuff.   THEY USE YOUR STUFF.   And if you don’t have sufficient inventory to pass around to your family — weapons, armor, & vehicles, specifically — you are a cheap bastard & their chances of saving your ass are greatly decreased.

So if you have a mafia of 40 (Ali Baba.   lol) you want to have 40 weapons, 40 sets of armor, & 40 vehicles.   You can certainly go into a fight with a bunch of naked people, but it would be a lot better if you gave them pants.

What if you have more than 40 weapons?   The game automatically chooses what it deems the “best” items from your inventory.   Every item has 2 stats: Attack & Defense.   When you are attacking, the game will choose the 40 weapons with the highest Attack rating.   When you are attacked, you will fight back with the 40 items with the highest Defense rating.

click for detailsRodd explained to me that sometimes the game doesn’t pick the best item, choosing (in an attack) a high Attack item which is actually inferior to another item.   What makes a good item?   A high cumulative stat.   Therefore a 20 Attack/20 Defense item is better than a 21 Attack/5 Defense item… yet the game will choose the 21/5.   The game can’t be reasoned with; the only way  to remedy this is to get rid of the 21/5 item, so that the game will have no other choice than the better item.

And then your Skill Points (mentioned in Part 1) come into play.   As Rodd wrote to me: “skill points applied to attack or defense is multiplied by the size of your mafia. 1 point applied to defense to your mafia of 133 counts as 133 & same for attack.”   He referred me to this very helpful article regarding the MW fight formula

Heists.   At level 16 I gained the ability to rob other players.   Success at robbery is dependent upon the same basic factors as in a fight; the difference is that you use half of whatever your mafia size is.   Apparently not everyone in your family is money hungry, or you’re just too greedy to be willing to spread it around as far.

The beauty of robbery is that attacking a player’s source of income rather than attacking the player directly actually can hurt them a lot more.   Because inventory is so crucial to a character’s strength, wealth is necessary in this game, & I may have thought I was smart choosing the “Maniac” character type, which accrues Energy faster, but during this last lesson I realized that maybe the genius is in the “Moguls.”

There may be a Part 3 coming.   I’m not sure.   Currently I’ve kind of halted leveling in favor of waiting for money from my properties to accumulate.   Also, some of my guildies have started playing Star Trek so I may have to go check that out in the mean time.   Such is life.


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