Jane Fonda, Jane Fonda

BarbarellaI saw another one of those hate email forwards about Jane Fonda today.   With all the other hoaxes floating around the internet I don’t know why this one bothers me so much.   Sure, it’s not 100% bullshit, but I think it’s the spirit in which this very inaccurate propoganda is forwarded around, over & over.

The first time I saw this email, or a version of this email, was several years ago.   It was sent to me by one of my parents’ friends who was this forwarding freak — I don’t know what this guy does with his life other than forward emails.   Normally I just deleted his emails, but I did read the Jane Fonda forward.

Reading it for the first time produced an unusually strong reaction to me.   I hated it.   I hated it & I hated him for sending it.   If he had been standing there next to his stupid email, I would have liked to punch him in his face.

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JELLY DOUGHNUTS.jpgSeems like we in Hawaii have been having more accidents on our streets than in previous years, & as a result we get to see more State fundraising efforts like Click It Or Ticket & the cellphone ban.   Yay, right?   No, of course not.   As if cops need more crap to pull us over for.  As a Hawaii resident with the tremendous luxury of only having to leave my house 4 times a week & none of those times being during peak traffic hours, I don’t have to deal with the bulk of the crackheads & retards on the road like most of you guys, but I still run into a few of them every once in awhile.

I don’t think speeding is the real problem.   Sure, we have speed limits for a reason, which reason I experienced intimately when trying to navigate the turn in the Like Like onramp to H-1 East one evening.   And I don’t deny that speed can be a problem.

But what I really think is that dumbasses are the problem.

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Online Dating. Heh.

goatSo, here’s a tale of irony for ya: someone asked me to help them with a dating project!!

I thought it was pretty strange myself.   I mean, that’s like asking a coke addict about needlepoint.    Ok, bad example.   It’s like hiring a Himalayan goatherder to design your web page.


So my friend texts me, asking if I can help him describe himself for an online dating site.

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