Jane Fonda, Jane Fonda

BarbarellaI saw another one of those hate email forwards about Jane Fonda today.   With all the other hoaxes floating around the internet I don’t know why this one bothers me so much.   Sure, it’s not 100% bullshit, but I think it’s the spirit in which this very inaccurate propoganda is forwarded around, over & over.

The first time I saw this email, or a version of this email, was several years ago.   It was sent to me by one of my parents’ friends who was this forwarding freak — I don’t know what this guy does with his life other than forward emails.   Normally I just deleted his emails, but I did read the Jane Fonda forward.

Reading it for the first time produced an unusually strong reaction to me.   I hated it.   I hated it & I hated him for sending it.   If he had been standing there next to his stupid email, I would have liked to punch him in his face.

I am not a Jane Fonda fan.   I never saw Barbarella.   I never saw her workout tapes.   I’m trying to even think of a Jane Fonda movie that I might have seen, & I can’t think of any.   I’m ambivalent about Jane Fonda.   I know she was Barbarella, & that’s about it.

Jane FondaI linked the Snopes entry in my reply & said, “And the point of circulating this is…?

“Look up the facts before you spread stories.   Especially stories that could incense people to the point of putting the victim’s life in danger.

“This email is nothing but hatred.   It’s not about making anything right; it’s only about hurting someone who made a mistake over 30 years ago & has since publicly apologized for it.   Don’t send me this kind of rubbish.”

He apologized for sending it without reading the facts first, but one of his friends told him he shouldn’t be sorry & said, “What a dirty traitorous narcissist she was and still is.”

Since then I haven’t heard from him, which I’m actually glad for.   My dad, who keeps in touch with him via email (on a daily basis, I’m sure, since he’s got to send out all those forwards every day), has contracted viruses & spyware so bad that he can’t even install anti-spyware  on his computer, & there’s a 24/7 ad on his desktop.

The Snopes article is really long & most people won’t bother to read the entire thing.   Basically:

True. Jane Fonda took pictures with North Vietnamese military & denounced American political & military leaders.
True. She met with 8 prisoners & ignored that they had been tortured, & later criticized released POWs returning home as heroes, saying that they were hypocrites & had lied about being tortured.

And that’s about it. That’s what she did. Yeah, she sucked. I still don’t see why anyone needs to email me about it.

False. POWs handing Fonda slips of paper in the hopes that she would take it back to the US… which she then handed over to their captors. The dude mentioned in the email story, Col. Carrigan, is quoted in Snopes as saying it’s a “figment of someone’s imagination” & is “tired of having to explain that he wasn’t beaten after Fonda’s visit & there were no beating deaths at the time.”   Jane Fonda did deliver letters to prisoner’s families in the US.
False. Some dude named Jerry Driscoll spit on Fonda then was beaten. According to Driscoll on Snopes, this is untrue, since he’s never met Jane Fonda.

recipe for hateAt this point you’re either foaming at the mouth at what a monster Jane Fonda is, or you’re like me, & you really don’t care.

You don’t care because the Vietnam War is OVER.

Seriously.   Who cares?   Let’s say this email accomplishes its goal, & millions of people hate Jane Fonda.   She gets denounced by Barbara Walters.   And then what?   The world becomes a better place?    Does anything, anywhere become better other than the haters feeling accomplished because they’ve gotten their REVENGE?

Maybe it’s my generational ignorance, but I don’t understand all these assholes all over the US who want to drag the Vietnam War on.   Certainly we should honor our military for the sacrifices they made to protect our freedom.   Hell yeah.   Give them kick ass retirement plans; give them huge discounts everywhere, give them houses & medical & whatever!   But we can do that & get on with our lives at the same time.    Show me a man who dwells in righteousness all his life & I’ll show you an asshole who no one likes & who doesn’t accomplish anything because he’s so busy being right all the time & keeping track of everyone who’s ever done anything wrong to him.

What bothers me more about this particular forwarded email is that it’s meant not to inspire your love for your fellow women, nor is it written to bring out your charity for the poor Indian girl who was born with a 6-fingered hand protruding from her forehead & every time you forward this email Bill Gates will donate 5 cents fror her plastic surgery.   It’s not even meant to make you love your country.

This email is being spread around to incite your hatred.

I’m open-minded about all the “metaphysical jargon,” & I actually believe in Jesus Christ, Heaven & Hell, Feng Shui, evolution  & reincarnation at the same time.   Email is electronic communication – energy – & so is emotion.   While the stupid “I hope I get this back!” emails are mostly silliness & the Bill Gates emails stupidity, hate is harder to shake off.

The Jane Fonda emails are, in my mind, packages of hate.   The general, unfocused, inaccurate, thoughtless hate of every dimwit who hooks into the story & mindlessly forwards it along.

I have enough hate in my life as it is.   If you send another one of these to me, I will find you & I will punch you in the face or some other area where it hurts.   Will that be enough hate for you?


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