My Beef Noodle

To compensate for the emotional taxation of the last post, I have decided to tell you guys what I have on the stove right now.   Sorry, no pictures, because I’m feeling lazy, but trust me, it’s not particularly glamorous looking.   It smells like fricking heaven though.

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And Speaking of Weddings

000 emoNo, no.   I want to talk about it.   I should talk about it.   Talking about it makes it easier to forget about it.   And besides, there are probably people who wonder to themselves on occasion, “Why is Lauren such a bitch?” & this might make interesting reading for them.   Or not.   Like I care.

I do believe that my life, or God, or the Evil Alien Lords have a plan for me.   I do.   And when certain things manifest in my life in such a way that it smells sort of like a message, I try to be cooperative or at least vigilant.   Last month my anticipated term of caregiving came to an end when my grandmother, who I had expected to hang on for several more years, let go.   Since then I’ve been more or less adrift, disoriented & bewildered at the suddenness with which my life has apparently been returned to me.   And then last night someone told me that Brad got married.

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Oh Come On

000wedding cakeWho ever gets pissed off about which table they got seated on at someone’s wedding?

1. People who have never planned their own wedding & have NO IDEA how hard it is to do the seating arrangements.

2. People who feel that this wedding isn’t about the people getting married; it’s about THEM.

3. People who are looking for something to be pissed off about.

If you’re not there because you’re happy about those two people getting married, then do everyone a favor & stay the fuck home.

The End.