Oh Come On

000wedding cakeWho ever gets pissed off about which table they got seated on at someone’s wedding?

1. People who have never planned their own wedding & have NO IDEA how hard it is to do the seating arrangements.

2. People who feel that this wedding isn’t about the people getting married; it’s about THEM.

3. People who are looking for something to be pissed off about.

If you’re not there because you’re happy about those two people getting married, then do everyone a favor & stay the fuck home.

The End.


One response to “Oh Come On

  1. Ohcomeon! haha! I went to a wedding last month, and the people I went with were complaining that the seating was weird (We weren’t all sitting RIGHT next to each other and facing each other) and I told them something to the effect of #1 and #4. Well, except for the stay the fuck home part. :P

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