My Beef Noodle

To compensate for the emotional taxation of the last post, I have decided to tell you guys what I have on the stove right now.   Sorry, no pictures, because I’m feeling lazy, but trust me, it’s not particularly glamorous looking.   It smells like fricking heaven though.

1. Boil water in a pot.   Add a drop of oil.   Add thin slices of beef – sirloin, ribeye, flank, whatever.   A heaping handful, or however much meat you feel like eating today.   Cook it.

2. After a few minutes of boiling your broth should look like adolescent mud.   Add some black pepper & a little chicken bouillion (in my case, a third of a packet of Sapporo Ichiban Chicken Flavor Ramen seasoning).   Continue boiling on medium heat.

3. A little sherry.    It smells nice.

4. A whole chili pepper, chopped in half.  Only chop it once.   Otherwise you will have to pick it out of your teeth later & if you have chili peppers as hot as the ones in my freezer it will be problematic since you will be crying like a little girl from the burning.

5. I considered a bay leaf but I’m not sure where it is so nevermind.

6. Finally, add a cup of macaroni, or rotini, or a handful of spaghetti — whatever.   Continue boiling, stirring occasionally, until your pasta is the correct level of tenderness.

Let me know how it was.


One response to “My Beef Noodle

  1. this sounds like the soup that is left after you make shabu shabu or fodue(@ the vietnamese restaurant). if so, it is yummy. you’re right though, it does look a little funky but the taste is suuuuper great!!!

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