Gold Dust

Without lily buckets to necessitate my maintenance of my Anole Lifeguard title, I am still able to find ways to interact with my fellow cold-blooded creatures.   Any time I see a baby gecko inside the house, I catch it & let it go outside. The reason for this is is that if I don’t, my cats will, & generally this goes very poorly for the gecko.

Recently I’ve been seeing these colorful Madagascar guys around the outside of the house as well as heard some different kinds of chirping at night.   I understand these more exotic geckos are slowly taking over the gecko population, being more aggressive & proliferative than our natives.   I’m not sure this is a good thing.   But they are pretty.

Today while doing laundry I caught a 1″ baby gecko in the washroom.   I was initially alarmed when I noticed it was greenish, thinking it was sick, until I noticed the blue around the eye ridges & realized that that was its normal coloration.

So, laundry came to a halt.

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