Gold Dust

Without lily buckets to necessitate my maintenance of my Anole Lifeguard title, I am still able to find ways to interact with my fellow cold-blooded creatures.   Any time I see a baby gecko inside the house, I catch it & let it go outside. The reason for this is is that if I don’t, my cats will, & generally this goes very poorly for the gecko.

Recently I’ve been seeing these colorful Madagascar guys around the outside of the house as well as heard some different kinds of chirping at night.   I understand these more exotic geckos are slowly taking over the gecko population, being more aggressive & proliferative than our natives.   I’m not sure this is a good thing.   But they are pretty.

Today while doing laundry I caught a 1″ baby gecko in the washroom.   I was initially alarmed when I noticed it was greenish, thinking it was sick, until I noticed the blue around the eye ridges & realized that that was its normal coloration.

So, laundry came to a halt.

Once I’d caught it I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I had it in a bottle. My dad had chased what was probably its parent around some time back hoping to capture it, so I thought, provided I could figure out how to outfit a decent environment for it, this might be a nice surprise present for my dad when he got back from Okinawa. Yaya, just in time for Christmas.

The first thing I did was frantically Google “Gold Dust Gecko baby.”    There is actually a forum devoted to geckos, populated with folks who even raise these things from eggs.   Here I read of feeding these tiny babies fresh mango with egg white.

Serendipity, baby.   I happened to have a single ripe mango (Common) in my refrigerator.   It’s been there since September.   I had picked it for my grandmother & she never got around to eating it.   I made a small cut into the thick, slightly dessicated skin & sniffed the meat, which smelled great.   WE HAVE MANGO.

I read that Gold Dust Geckos were normally kept in tall terrariums rather than wide, but the best I could do was a plastic Costco Halms Kim Chee jar that I found on the OCHD Empty Jar shelf in the garage.   It was clean & smelled ok; I scooped some dirt & dug up a couple of gardenia babies (they had sprouted in my iris pot & I wasn’t sure what to do with them anyway) & generously watered.   For furniture I picked out a comfy-looking rock from the great selection we have in my backyard.

While we don’t necessarily need hugs or human company, we cold-blooded folk do need oxygen.   I used an awl, then a knife, then scissors, then finally a damn hatchet & broke an asymmetrical air hole in the plastic lid.   I then cut some door screen to fit & then very skillfully Krazy Glued the tip of my left forefinger to it.   I ended up having to cut the screen to tuck into the inside edges of the lid, where it seemed happy.   My fingernail is securely attached to my fingertip; I can’t even feel the keys as I type.   Meh, it’ll come off eventually.

Then I dumped Baby Gold Dust Gecko & a tiny scoop of mango in there.

Eventually I’ll have to go shop for a larger container, which will probably be a lot of fun to plant.   Hopefully this baby gecko survives; frankly its chances in that jar are better than with my cats or with the bigger geckos outside.

If anyone has any tips on how to keep this guy happy I would greatly appreciate them!!


3 responses to “Gold Dust

  1. no tips, but these guys flourish at our house. especially near the hot tub and then can we use for recycling. the baby ones are really cute.

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