I did it.

I did a ton of research before finally clicking.   That is, I veered off at the last minute from the “Add to shopping cart” button at least twice by finding ONE MORE THING that needed investigation.   The Research Method helped me to hold out for over 24 hours.   In actuality I’ve been very quietly considering Kindle for several months.   I have 2 full, double stocked bookshelves & stacks of book-filled boxes in my room.    It’s not the price ($259) of this portable, 1,500 book bookshelf that gave me pause; it’s the fact that it won’t be paper.   It won’t make the little noise when I turn a page.   It doesn’t look like I can bury my nose in it.   I’m not sure this 8″ x 5″ thing will help me lock out the world like a book can.   I mean, just look how vulnerable that girl looks in the picture.

Maybe if I hold it really close.

I’m gratified by the fact that Amazon keeps on file all your Kindle purchases & allows you to re-download them if needed.   Frankly, having a new 1,500 book shelf will now allow me to shop irresponsibly.   For the last few years I have been reluctant about new book purchases, weighing how much I wanted to read them against how little space I had for them (welcome to the other half of my queen-sized bed, which you will share with the cats.).   Now I can buy all the cheap fiction – Lilith Saintcrow, Jim Butcher, Laurell Hamilton – that I want.   I don’t have to keep looking for the hardcover 3-in-1 editions.   Whether or not I can make the world go away remains to be seen.

Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Amazon Kindle.

We built Kindle with the goal of creating an exceptional and hassle-free reading experience. As such, we wanted to point out a few details before you get started.

Your Kindle is automatically registered to the same Amazon.com account you used to make your purchase. This enables you to shop, purchase, and download books, newspapers and magazines wirelessly from your Kindle right out of the box.

If you purchased Kindle as a gift for someone else, you should de-register this Kindle from your Amazon.com account. You can de-register Kindle from the Settings page on the device or at Manage Your Kindle on Amazon.com. The gift recipient can then re-register the device to their Amazon.com account right from the Settings page on the Kindle.

Visit the Kindle Accessories Store on Amazon.com to shop for great Kindle covers and accessories.

You can start building your library before your Kindle even arrives by shopping for books, newspapers, magazines and more at theKindle Store on Amazon.com. Amazon’s unique wireless delivery system, Amazon Whispernet, will auto-deliver your purchases directly to your Kindle. Once you receive your Kindle, you can also shop the same great selection directly from your device.

Your Kindle purchases are made using your existing default 1-Click payment method at Amazon.com. To view or change the current payment method associated with your Kindle, please visit Manage Your Kindle on Amazon.com. For general information on 1-Click, please visit the 1-Click section on Amazon.com help.

To get more information about your Kindle before it arrives, please visit Kindle Support to find the Kindle Users Guide and other references.

We hope you enjoy reading on Kindle and look forward to hearing about your experience. Send us your feedback at kindle-feedback@amazon.com.


The Amazon Kindle Team


3 responses to “I did it.

  1. You seem to be having the same doubts I have about digital readers, mostly tactile dissapointment worries. I also am concerned that one of my favorite things to do during my lunch breaks at work will have possibly expensive consequences. Spilling a little curry on a paperback is not so bad.. but shorting out a 300 dollar device? Q.Q
    The fact they let you redownload what you’ve purchased is really nice. Helps nudge me toward getting one, but I’m still gonna wait for the personal review before I drop a large chunk of paycheck into one.

  2. O-M-G. You did it?!?!?!?! Well, let me know how it is. Maybe I’ll ask to borrow it for ten minutes or so. I am really teeter-tottering on my decision. It would be great to hear your feedback on the Kindle. How is the weight of the device? The one that I want is the bigger and little heavier one. Hmmmmmmmm. Merry Christmas to you and me???? Sorry, I’m a little blonde today.

  3. I chose the smaller one because I think I can lie in bed holding a 10 oz item, but 19 oz (the larger one) would be like… well, a cue stick. Too heavy.

    I’ll definitely be writing a personal review once I get it. And get some books on it. I’m trying to decide what the 1st book I put on it will be! It’s so sad that Amazon doesn’t have more Tanith Lee for Kindle. =(

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