If The Bartender Cards You

I wasn’t going to card this guy, but he was displaying “card me” behavior.

Upon entering he seated himself on the bar, & then refused to make eye contact with me, looking to his left & right, until I was standing right in front of him, saying “Hi, can I get you something?”   At this, he glanced at me, then looked back down to the side & asked for a Coors Light.

Behavior like this, to me, can mean certain things:

1. He’s about to do something bad.   Like snatch a purse & run.   Or bust out a gun & get all Xerox on me.   Or cry.   I really, really hate it when men cry.
2. He’s hiding something. Like his age. Or the fact that he has no money.
3. He’s emo.

The first two of these possibilities definitely require me to have a look at his ID.   I ask for the ID sometimes just to get eye contact, to confirm if this person really IS kookoo.   The third possibility doesn’t require me to see his ID but I just do it to be safe.   After all, possibility #3 can potentially lead to #1 & #2.

When asked, nicely, for his ID, this kid actually made a disgusted (sideways, still not making eye contact with me) look & said, “Seriously??”

Seriously, who the hell objects to being carded in a bar?   Minors, that’s who.

I checked his ID.   He was 26.   Ok fine.   Minors in 26-year-old bodies.   How many 8-year-olds do we have running around out there with 26-year-old IDs, anyway??   Seriously, grow a pair & act like an adult or get the hell off my bar.

Ok, thanks for letting me vent.   =)


6 responses to “If The Bartender Cards You

  1. what? are you kidding!? I could be your mother! forget it, I’m not drinking! Lauren……speechless!!!! LOL! remember this?

  2. I get lots of people who fall into the #1 category at my current place of employment….asking for ID usually gets them to leave before anything happens though even if they are old enough to be my mother or father. I’d much rather ID them and have them leave than not and have them steal my tip jar or a customer’s wallet or purse

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