DUI Wednesdays: Kick Em When They’re Down!

People suck.

Just the other week the small group of friends I drink with was abuzz with the “schadenfreude” of a couple who had moved away but kept up to speed with the island by religiously enjoying the Honolulu Police Department’s weekly posting of DUI arrest mugshots.   While there is nothing wrong with that, when one of our own group of friends got DUI’d & had his mugshot posted, this couple linked it on their Facebook page along with some rant about drunk drivers being idiots & “when will they ever learn.”   It was pointed out, in subsequent discussion, that she doesn’t even drive while he has been known to drive drunk on a regular basis.   However their both being in a different state gives them immunity, & therefore, apparently, the right to feel morally justified in deriding, humiliating, & patronizing a (former, I suppose, now) friend.   “Why would they do something like that?” I had asked in shock, when I heard about it.   “She seems to be the kind of person who delights in the misfortune of others,” someone said, sadly.

I ended my friendship with these people a couple of years ago for no particular reason other than it seemed that we were simply not on the same page any more, & now I can see that we’re really not on the same page.   I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good about closing a book.   I’m so glad I didn’t have to stick around for the rest of the story.

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My Bachelor’s Butter Crepe

This is for my fellow single peeps who, in the middle of the night, find that they are craving butter crepes.   And my brother.

My mother’s recipe, which I lost, made enough of these to feed several people.   In my case, I only wanted enough to satisfy the midnight craving of one person.   Since it was too late to call my mother for the recipe, I decided to call upon Logic to devise a recipe.

I do this a lot out of laziness but it gets me by.

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