Troll Watching.

In my last post, I wrote my feelings about the Facebook DUI Wednesdays group, which has over 8,000 fans & I’m sure will continue to grow because of their common bond: enjoyment of superiority over a vulnerable party.   At the time, I had no idea that someone would post my blog at the DUI Wednesdays site, & that flocks of trolls would take my simple opinion as a “crusade” against them, & attempt to defend their dubious honor with poor reading comprehension, walls of text, & irrelevant or off target insults.

I’m not on a crusade.    These are just my observations.   Don’t read on if you are “butt hurt” by another human being’s thoughts.

I had only identified an element of “schadenfreude,” an enjoyment of another’s misery, & the feeling of superiority that comes with pointing at someone – even a total stranger – who’s getting his dick knocked in the dirt & saying, “Yeah, good for him.”   And then the comments supplied by the DUI Wednesdays folks gave me greater insight into the nature of the bottom crust of the fansite’s population.

I know not everyone at DUI Wednesdays is like these guys.   After I had posted, other reasons for joining DUI Wednesdays came up in discussion with friends, & frankly I felt so much better knowing that not everyone joined that group for base reasons.   Thanks for broadening my thinking; it is a relief!

Anyway, various friends have attempted to get through the sea of hateful, nonsensical, or just silly comments & have given up in disgust or simply better things to do, & even as I type this I’m not sure this is worth my time, but I think I will take a shot at providing a slightly more organized overview of the reactions of the trolls.

1. They lacked sufficient reading comprehension abilities (examples: comments 16, 25, 43, 69) . This was slightly frustrating for me.   I mean, wasn’t I clear?   A friend pointed out that not all people actually pay attention to what they are reading, nor do they necessarily want to see what is really written.   It’s not that they can’t actually read; they just choose not to.   These folks came to express outrage, to fight back, to defend their righteous cause… they didn’t come here to be adults discussing an issue.   We also can’t rule out the possibility that maybe they just didn’t possess adequate reading skills.   But I really hope it was the former.   So many of these people were well spoken, with a significant amount of wit.   I was once in a band with a lead singer who had a fabulous voice.   But she couldn’t sing.   In the end having a voice is awesome, but to be effective you have to be able to use it.

2. They didn’t come to discuss; they came to attack (define “troll”). This being my first extensive experience with trolls, I learned a lot.   I diligently read every comment, & politely addressed any who seemed to actually say something relevant, but anything I said fell on deaf ears & then some other poor idiot would then scream about exactly the same thing.   They didn’t want to achieve better understanding; they came over solely for the purpose of taking a shot at me.   This confused me; I mean, why bother?   But actually it made sense.   The fansite was a group of haters.   Criticize the haters, expect to have them come over & do their thing.    And they did it, some poorly & some not as poorly, although since none of them actually addressed my actual meaning it was kind of just an exercise.   But then I suppose that was the point.

3. They were excellent examples of what I was attempting to clarify for myself in my post. I’ve never asked for a large readership.   If I wanted numbers, I wouldn’t be writing about cooking a crepe in the middle of the night.   I write for my own entertainment, for my own edification, & to keep in shape.   I wrote about the DUI Wednesdays fansite because I knew something about it bothered me, & I wanted to sort out my thoughts.   When I did, all these haters oozed over with a higher purpose – to further distill & clarify my perception of the site.   As mentioned above, I did discover some uplifting things, but I also got to see firsthand what the bottom layer of the fansite membership was like.   Looking past the blind insults, there was some excellent substance exhibiting just what I had written about but not quite experienced at the time of writing: stupidity, malice, narrow mindedness, hypocrisy.   It was as if they took my blog a step further.

If anything, by the 2nd day of troll onslaught, I had an even clearer picture of what I had originally been trying to discern.   A week after the party it just seems humorous.   Er, I mean, saddening.   Here are all these people who would have certainly interrupted me if I had been accepting an award at the VMAs & they hadn’t even seen my video.   They didn’t even know what I just said but they were all outraged about something, perhaps just for the sake of being outraged.

I don’t know why there are people like this in the world.   I mean, I can take guesses but the truth is I have no idea.   Not enough hugs, parental abuse, family strife, childhood incontinence.   I don’t know.   But the fact of the matter is that they aren’t going anywhere, as demonstrated in today’s last hurrah comment #69.   And you know, the world is like a fruitcake.   Or something like that.

My perception of DUI Wednesdays on Facebook has changed a little.   I now know that some join it for benign reasons.   I also see now that there is a deeper, more noble purpose to this fansite which has nothing to do with drunk driving.   This is a place for the nasty & the hateful to join together & occupy themselves.   Certainly there are casualties among their victims but there would be victims anyway in whatever areas of life these people would be contaminating.   At least if they focus their energies at DUI arrests on this fansite, it’s possible for the victims to shrug it off.

I am not impacted by insults.   I am affected by facts & logic.   But before you can produce that you will have to comprehend what you are arguing against, or else it’s useless, since you’re not even addressing me or my statement.   I do not have an attachment to being right; if you can show me logic or facts that prove I am mistaken, I will thank you for enlightening me.   In the end, I don’t care about “my” answer or “your” answer… I would just like to get closer to the correct answer.

I know… no one’s going to get that.


7 responses to “Troll Watching.

  1. “In the end having a voice is awesome, but to be effective you have to be able to use it.”

    I particularly like this comment mate.

    Oh how so many people miss the mark on account of lack of audience awareness.

    It’s funny, I can draw a parallel to something else you said with what I do as a software architect:

    “In the end, I don’t care about “my” answer or “your” answer… I would just like to get closer to the correct answer.”

    I’m often called upon to assess technologies that the company may employ, and essentially rubber stamp them or put them right in the shit-tin. I’m not married to the technology we decide upon, as long as it is the most appropriate choice for our company. I don’t care if the winning idea comes from my boss from a worker at the lowest level in the org-chart. Funny how that idea turns up a lot.

    Thanks Lauren!

  2. its about idiots who like to swoop in like dirty birdies and take mean shits. They’ve got nothing better to do but sling crap at people all day because their schadenfreude got joy killed by the HPD.

  3. Yeah, I heard that the HPD postings were canceled after I had written this. A few cop friends had commented that the postings were a liability issue, & that since HPD generally just settles on everything, even slim liability issues are a bad idea. Sadist social clubs like the Facebook group probably made this worse.

    Meh. Figures.

  4. The DUI fan page and your last blog entry have confirmed that I should never make assumptions…while I know hate is a polarized emotion, I always believed that logic serves as a healthy counterbalance. Well, for certain evolved individuals this may hold true; however, my faulty assumption was all individuals possess a logical aptitude. WRONG! If one chooses not to incorporate logic into their argument, well that’s a different story altogether.

    So, if my logical deduction is correct; there are at least two types of people who have commented on the fan page and your last blog – incapable or ignorant. Yet, what is most interesting is whether one possess a choice or not, the result is identical. A spiteful regurgitation of useless comments and circular reasoning, fueled by none other than a conglomerate of bottom-feeders stuck in a fruitless process which they oddly find…enjoyable. For those of you reading this, I suppose you already know that’s not my cup of tea; I don’t like the taste of bile.

    For those who are incapable–better luck next time; for those who are ignorant–better choices next time.

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