Old people are my kryptonite

Yesterday this 84-year-old guy in a Murano crosses over 2 lanes into my car.   I slammed on my brakes when I realized he was coming at me, but I wasn’t quick enough & he bashed in the area over my passenger side front tire.

This is the 2nd accident I’ve ever been in.   The first was when some teenager from out of state ran a red light & clipped the back end of my car.   I was in college at the time, & she & her girlfriends begged me not to call whoever’s dad it was that owned the car.   She wrote me a check, which bounced, & moved back home to wherever it was she lived.   I ended up contacting her parents, who wrote me a new check, but it was such a headache.   I learned, from that incident, that one must always make a police report.

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WTB Repairman

I’ve always liked Buckcherry but until recently never owned a single one of their CDs. I decided to remedy that at Amazon & ordered 2 Buckcherry CDs (the self-titled & Black Butterfly) & the Josh Todd solo album, which arrived yesterday.   I don’t know why I didn’t order 15.   But anyway.

I couldn’t decide which one to listen to first.   I was tempted to go with the solo album, because it was the only album I didn’t already know a song or two off of, but then I decided to be traditional about it & unwrapped the self titled album.

Let’s start at the very beginning; a very good place to start.

Little did I know that my Sunday Buckcherryfest was about to be squashed.

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