WTB Repairman

I’ve always liked Buckcherry but until recently never owned a single one of their CDs. I decided to remedy that at Amazon & ordered 2 Buckcherry CDs (the self-titled & Black Butterfly) & the Josh Todd solo album, which arrived yesterday.   I don’t know why I didn’t order 15.   But anyway.

I couldn’t decide which one to listen to first.   I was tempted to go with the solo album, because it was the only album I didn’t already know a song or two off of, but then I decided to be traditional about it & unwrapped the self titled album.

Let’s start at the very beginning; a very good place to start.

Little did I know that my Sunday Buckcherryfest was about to be squashed.

My freaking SACD player wouldn’t turn on.

You know, it’s not like I use that thing a lot.   It sits on a rack underneath the DVD player which I have used, I think, 3 times (Sunshine, The Wall, Goldmember.).   I don’t have a lot of SACDs unless you count the classical stuff, & actually the only SACD I really enjoy listening to for the sake of the SACD-ness is Dark Side of the Moon.

One of my cats, Puppy (I know… it gets confusing), has this thing about throwing up on power strips.   He doesn’t like to do it on a normal floor.   He likes power strips.   There are 2 power strips that he has special feelings for in my room & I end up cleaning them up a lot, although not as much as I probably should.    So I unplugged everything from the relevant power strip, cleaned it, & plugged everything back in.   Everything turned on except for the SACD player.

I lifted the SACD player out from underneath the DVD player & took it to the living room, where I tried it in a different outlet.   No luck.   I took it to the washroom & laid it down on top of a towel on the washing machine.

This is totally not how I want to spend my Sunday afternoon.

The outer casing came off easily & I rescued Rio & Heart’s Greatest Hits, but the player wasn’t going to let me have Notorious.   I was frankly surprised there were only 3 CDs in there.   Oh well.   I tested it to see how invested it was in clinging to Notorious but gave up because I didn’t want to fuck with it too much.

Reseating the little connections near the power switch didn’t make any difference & upon inspection it didn’t look like anything was out of order.   I had been hoping for something obvious – a loose wire or something – that I could just put back.   Seeing as how this player hadn’t seen a lot of travel in 2 years made that hope a little unrealistic, but I still had to hope.

I don’t know anything about the insides of CD players.   I do know that it’s a bad thing when the top of the little cylindrical thingies on a motherboard look puffy.   That means they got too hot.   I’m familiar with that problem; I just went through some major stress during the holiday season when my video card blew right in the middle of my leveling race (WoW) with one of my friends.   Anyway, just from looking over everything this was the only thing I could find that looked bad.   Does anyone know how tough this would be to replace?    SACDs are an obsolete technology; there just aren’t enough people out there who want them.   Normally I would just shrug & appreciate that I got 3-4 years of good, if occasional, use out of this thing, but I don’t know if I can get another SACD player.   I guess I should contact Sony.   Unless anyone knows how to fix this?


2 responses to “WTB Repairman

  1. hey lauren, i left the following post on your facebook page

    if rob can’t fix it, then it’s trash… you can probably find a good sacd player on e-bay, i know there’s tons… i get a lot of my audio stuff used because the high end equipment is wayyyy to expensive new and there’s hardly any dealers in hawaii anymore…

    … take it to Rob at Edgar Audio (521-3818), his shop is on auahi street in kakaako… me and chris deal take our equipment to him all the time….. better yet, get a NAD, Rotel or Cambridge player… you might be surprised with the sound quality difference…

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