Logs vs. Tofu

I think I eat more shabu shabu than the average person.   I’ve also managed to introduce many of my friends to shabu shabu, & so we have fairly regular get togethers at our favorite shabu shabu place, which will remain unnamed because they already have enough business.   Sorry.

Logan is one of those guys who is very funny without being silly.   He doesn’t smile very much & yet somehow he still manages to be pretty entertaining.   He provides fairly helpful insights regarding the romantic psyche of guys in their mid-twenties today; I’ve posed him many a question regarding whether or not what I’m about to do next is going to make anyone cry like a little girl, resulting in my present departure from Cougarville.   But that’s another blog.

Another thing about Logan – affectionately nicknamed “Logs” – is that he likes things hot.

He’s a fireman.   I once asked him what it was like to be a fireman, & he explained that it was “hot.”

Anyway, a couple of short videos from a shabu shabu night for your enjoyment.   Yes, that’s all there is.

Perhaps bored with the conversation, Logs decides to entertain himself by sampling a piece of hot tofu from the boiling shabu shabu pot.

Still able to detect feeling in part of his tongue, Logs decides to take on another piece of hot tofu.


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