Madeline is loved.

Since my brother adopted Madeline’s 2 brothers Ajax & Lennox, the 3 of them are fortunate enough to be able to see each other from time to time.   They went through Obedience Class together (which Madeline failed!), where we were often reminded to run exercises apart from each other to avoid the 3 of them forming a “pack” within the class.   Since adopting them in September, Ajax, Lennox, & my brother’s eldest American Bulldog, Gunner, have come over here for Thanksgiving & Christmas, & Madeline & I have gone over the mountain to see them a couple of times.

The four dogs always play well together.   My brother has done a ton of research on the American Bulldog breed & dog behavior in general.   I, being something of a cat person, end up turning to him constantly for advice & enlightenment.   American Bulldogs are by nature a happy, exuberant breed, & potentially very obedient by virtue of their eagerness to please a good master.   Despite the lack of a fence, Gunner, Ajax & Lennox all remain on my brother’s property, not even leaving the yard for a passing stray dog.   This has always impressed me.   Surprisingly, it took Madeline a very short time at my brother’s house to learn to observe these invisible boundaries as well.

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The Chickens.

My sister & I had a family get together in Kaneohe, which also happened to be the area where Hawaiian Memorial Park is located, which also happened to be where our grandparents’ graves were.

I hadn’t been there since the burial.   Frankly I don’t feel our grandparents are anywhere near their graves; I think they’re hanging out in more familiar places, if they’re hanging out at all.   But graves are traditional, designated points of communication with the dead unless you’re a weirdo & have gone through the trouble of officiating some other more convenient spot (which I have not, by the way), & graves should be visited every so often if only for form’s sake.

I had some Nutter Butters for my grandfather & roasted nori for my grandmother. Yeah, I’m a pagan. I intended to ask for power over the elements or something. I’m joking. No, really.

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