On Friendship, Part Two

Men kick friendship around like a football but it doesn’t seem to break.   Women treat it like glass and it goes to pieces. – Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

I think she’s right.   I was one of those girls who seemed to only have guy friends.   It wasn’t the Army Surplus Store bought jump boots (men’s size 4, tyvm) or the fact that I was pro at using the F word at least three times in any given sentence if I so applied myself (often).   It was because I mistrusted & couldn’t really relate to other girls.   Girls were prissy, fragile & sneaky; guys were simple & straightforward.   When you asked guys a question they applied their brains rather than their feelings, producing better results.   Even a dumb guy was easier to deal with than another girl.   At least he told the truth as he knew it.

This changed, though.

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On Friendship, Part One

Yesterday I received a Friend Request on Facebook from an old girlfriend I haven’t seen or spoken to since college, & prior to that 9th grade, because in college she happened to be standing in front of me speaking to me, & because 9th grade was the last time I considered her my friend.

I’ve always been fairly Friend dysfunctional.   From age 1 to 7 I lived in Iowa, Colorado, then Ohio; I went to 2 different preschools because even that early I had difficulty fitting in (I refused to speak to any of the other children), & for both kindergarten & 1st grade I started the school year off as The New Kid.   Not only was I The New Kid — I was The New, Asian Kid.   “I heard you Eskimos eat fish raw,” some 5-year-old dumb ass said to me.   “We eat the EYEBALLS,” I told him.   Nevermind that I wasn’t Eskimo.   I didn’t even know what an Eskimo was.   Fuck you, you smug little shit.   Yeah, I had my New Kid attitude down pretty solid.

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