Dog Park!

I confess.   I have been unsuccessful at leash training Jack.   No training was needed for Chie; she just naturally heels.   Even when we’re just walking around the yard she walks alongside me obediently.   Madeline didn’t require any training either outside of those 13 weeks of Puppy Obedience.   But Jack… my smallest dog is my worst nightmare on a leash.

Jack was also my first dog.   When I first brought him home we used to go for runs around the neighborhood.   I didn’t try to teach him to heel then; I was too busy trying to keep up with him, which was dumb.   No human can ever run as fast as a Basenji.   It was a good work out though.

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FFXIV Open Beta

A bunch of my guildies said they were going to play Final Fantasy 14, & I said that if the keyboard was configurable (for instance, I like to put Autorun on Mouse 4 & strafes on A & D rather than Q & E) I would be very interested in playing it.   Unfortunately I didn’t know anyone in the closed beta who could tell me what I needed to know.   When open beta became available a few days ago, a number of my friends got in it, & one of them told me that most movement & camera functions were configurable.   But everyone on vent advised me to try it out in the open beta before buying anyway.

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I Hate Facebook.

I think I hated MySpace less than this when I deleted my MySpace account.

It’s not the huge portion of my life which is sucked into the vacuous vacuum of social networking.   Frankly I don’t network much at all on Facebook.   Or in life, now that I think of it.   I’m just not a social person.   I don’t like people that much.

But I like games.   And so, in spite of my social networking hatred, which has built itself up into something of a frenzy today, the bottom line is I only just hit level 44 — the landmark level at which I can acquire my 1st additional farm — in Farm Town yesterday & I’m not ready to give that up just yet.   It took me an entire month to get here.

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