Arizona Man Lynches His Puppy

Ok, here’s what I want to know.

How did this guy not notice that the puppy wasn’t in the car with him?   When I read this I had an image of Dr. Cox from Scrubs saying “My GOD, Barbie, how do you put your bra and panties on in the morning?    All by yourself!   It’s remarkable!”

See, if the guy was simply a complete & utter moron (hello Occam) I’d like to know how he managed to make the car move.   On the other hand, my FB friend mentions that he threw up twice, which causes me to wonder if perhaps he had just shot up.   If so, then the mangled yet breathing lump of meat that was his puppy must have really spoiled his trip.   Whatever the case, it alarms me that someone this stupid can own a dog.

Idiots like this can buy a dog.   They can also have unprotected sex.   It doesn’t take a brain for two idiots to make another idiot, & that’s why we have the US today.   But I digress.

If you know someone who is a complete fucking moron, please — stop him from acquiring a dog.   Stop him from having sex if you can.   But really — don’t let him have a dog.   Or, don’t let him try to drive a car.


One response to “Arizona Man Lynches His Puppy

  1. This is the reason why the mid-west was invented mate. As a warning to others. I should know – I live there and have an “external” perspective. Maybe it was the better news coverage in my home country that prepared me. What the photo above -probably- doesn’t show is the hole he shot in his foot after the telescopic sight on his rifle bit him in the mouth. Poor foot. One wonders what was wagging his dog…

    Keep up the good work Lauren ;)

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