I said to my Twitter today:

I can’t really preach NOH8 because quite frankly there are a TON of things I hate.    I’m taking it too literally again, aren’t I.    I hate that.

I’ve been seeing a lot of NOH8 pictures.   It started with my girlfriend getting rather riled up about how anti gay marriage people are so hateful, & then doing a NOH8 picture of her daughter with the tape over the mouth.   It disturbed me because censorship is a form of hate.   Censorship of itself is disturbing, but my objection to my girlfriend’s stance was that it was hypocritical.   And also just not logically sound.   How can you ask for acceptance, tolerance & open-mindedness in a voice of judgment, condemnation, & censorship?

But I’ve come to feel a little better about it.   Not philosophically, but just because due to the NOH8 campaign Dave Navarro took this picture:

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