Bye Bye Photobucket

Back when Myspace was still cool, I signed up for a free image hosting site called Photobucket.     They only offered free accounts at the time, but were accepting donations & I donated 10 bucks or something.   I felt that they were offering a great service & they deserved a little money.   When Photobucket Premium accounts came into being I was automatically given a free year in appreciation of my previous good will, & naturally I felt even more good will toward this company.   It really is nice to be appreciated.   Since then I have automatically renewed my Premium account every year & I’ve been very happy with Photobucket’s service… until now.

Warning: the next part of this post contains a picture that contains violence, hate & profanity.   It was so offensive that Photobucket deleted it.   Continue at your own risk.   You have been warned!!

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The proper use of “fail”

A lot of words get corrupted on the internet.   Some of it evolves logically, like “GG” for “good game” or “pwn” from the commonly typoed “own.”    “Fail,” however, doesn’t make much sense, yet most folks know its correct incorrect usage.

With the popularity & trendiness of Failblog & multitudes of similar websites, & the increasing availability of internet access to even the least geeky, everyone is using the word “fail” lately, in the incorrect sense, but not necessarily correctly.   It’s annoying.   I feel like saying, “Don’t use the incorrect form of ‘fail’ if you can’t do it correctly!”

We’ve reached the social pinnacle.   Where normal people attempt to emulate geekiness in order to be trendy.

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