The proper use of “fail”

A lot of words get corrupted on the internet.   Some of it evolves logically, like “GG” for “good game” or “pwn” from the commonly typoed “own.”    “Fail,” however, doesn’t make much sense, yet most folks know its correct incorrect usage.

With the popularity & trendiness of Failblog & multitudes of similar websites, & the increasing availability of internet access to even the least geeky, everyone is using the word “fail” lately, in the incorrect sense, but not necessarily correctly.   It’s annoying.   I feel like saying, “Don’t use the incorrect form of ‘fail’ if you can’t do it correctly!”

We’ve reached the social pinnacle.   Where normal people attempt to emulate geekiness in order to be trendy.

This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why I will probably die single.


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