What A Day

I was up this morning at sunrise or just before sunrise because Boomer was retching.   It turned out that he had gotten into my rubbish can & as I went through it I found that the plastic/foil wrappers the Heartgard had come in weren’t in there.   As Boomer threw up last night’s dinner on my bed & the nearby floor & then ravenously ate it up again, I began to panic.   If Boomer had managed some kind of intestinal blockage I’d have to take him to the vet & get his stomach pumped or worse, & since my vet (Aina Haina Pet Hospital) was on vacation — I knew this because I had just called them yesterday concerned about what turned out to be a one-time bout of diarrhea in Madeline — & the only other vet I’d gone to (Kalihi Pet Clinic) was a miserable morning traffic drive away in town.   Which pretty much guaranteed I’d be cleaning vomit up in my car as well.

I began to suffer unbidden images of the sharp foil corner of the Heartgard wrapper lacerating his insides.   Since getting the house tented a week ago, I’ve had only one night of decent sleep – about 6 hours.   All the other nights have averaged 3 hours.   Last night I was up until 3:30 because the thunderstorm was freaking everyone out.   I wasn’t looking forward to driving into town with a vomiting puppy.

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