What A Day

I was up this morning at sunrise or just before sunrise because Boomer was retching.   It turned out that he had gotten into my rubbish can & as I went through it I found that the plastic/foil wrappers the Heartgard had come in weren’t in there.   As Boomer threw up last night’s dinner on my bed & the nearby floor & then ravenously ate it up again, I began to panic.   If Boomer had managed some kind of intestinal blockage I’d have to take him to the vet & get his stomach pumped or worse, & since my vet (Aina Haina Pet Hospital) was on vacation — I knew this because I had just called them yesterday concerned about what turned out to be a one-time bout of diarrhea in Madeline — & the only other vet I’d gone to (Kalihi Pet Clinic) was a miserable morning traffic drive away in town.   Which pretty much guaranteed I’d be cleaning vomit up in my car as well.

I began to suffer unbidden images of the sharp foil corner of the Heartgard wrapper lacerating his insides.   Since getting the house tented a week ago, I’ve had only one night of decent sleep – about 6 hours.   All the other nights have averaged 3 hours.   Last night I was up until 3:30 because the thunderstorm was freaking everyone out.   I wasn’t looking forward to driving into town with a vomiting puppy.

Cleaning up was difficult because just before bed (3 hours previously) I had caught the acrylic nail of my right forefinger in a cupboard door handle & snapped it downward, horizontally, right in the middle of the quick.   I didn’t know it was even possible to do something that screwed up.   The acrylic was only a few days old & well melded with my natural nail, & any time I accidentally bent the broken part it just holyfuckingshitcrazymotherfuckingA hurt.

I cleaned the floor, stripped my sheets & put them into the wash, only bumping my nail (& screaming) a few times.

My brother advised me to give Boomer some peroxide (1T per 10 lbs) to induce vomiting, which I did, & on the 2nd hurl Boomer produced about half a box of kleenex.   I also found a Heartgard wrapper, well chewed.   He probably would have passed it but the amount of kleenex was pretty impressive.   After a couple more yacks (small) he was done & looked like his same old self — bright eyed & eager to eat more kleenex.   I washed some of the vomit down but most of it seemed determined to stay where it was.   On top of that after the thunderstorm last night whatever I hosed down just sat there, pooling.

I got to the nail salon by 9:15 where they had me soak my finger in acetone.   The thought of submerging my torn quick into paint thinner was gruesome, but I didn’t notice it hurting any more than it already did.   The manicurist removed the acrylic from my nail & whatever was available of the nail, then basically built a whole new nail for me.   It hurt.   But the important thing was that my torn nail bed was now protected from further damage.   They didn’t charge me either.   I tipped my heroine a fiver & found that I still had 15 minutes to get McDonalds breakfast.   Yes!

Once home I fed everyone & spent some time playing with the dogs in the front yard, & then judged that I had time to get an hour or two of sleep before the Terminix pest control dude showed up this afternoon.   That was when I noticed that one of the rain gutters – the very important one over my back door – had come loose.   It’s come loose several times before.   It doesn’t take much to nudge it loose.   Rain, for instance, will do it.

This is because the pins which hold the gutter onto the side of the roof only penetrate the roof about 3/8″.

It was hot, but the gutter could fall off at any minute & splash dirty water all over the place, so I got the ladder & a hammer.   As I hammered the 1st pin back in, I was showered by flakes of ancient paint (why would you paint a rain gutter?) which obligingly went straight down my tank top & stuck because it was hot & I was sweating.

However, I got the gutter reattached, & then I took a shower.   And shortly I am going to try to take a nap.

I hope the rest of you have a great day.   I think I just had enough shitty for everyone.


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