I’m logging in about 17 hours of sleep for the last 4 days, & half of that was in 30-60 minute increments.   I’ve been misspelling words; I’ve caught it twice but who knows how many other times it’s happened.   I’ve been forgetting about things that I never expected to forget because I was just looking at them an hour ago.    Alzheimer’s does run in my family but I think I just need to get some rest.

Maybe tomorrow.   It’s too late for a Xanax today; I’ll oversleep if I take one now.

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A Little Aloha

Today I put in some time at Barefoot League selling Aloha For Japan tsunami relief fundraiser t-shirts.   They cost $20 with 100% of the proceeds going to relief efforts in Japan (click here for details).   This fundraiser came about as one of many collaborative efforts between Barefoot League & a handful of other local apparel businesses.   This Christmas if you decide to shop “local,” please remember these guys.   They don’t make a cent off of this project, which, believe me, is a lot of work.

March 23 note: the state just got involved & now the stores are forced to charge sales tax, so the shirts are no longer a flat $20.   I could comment more on this, but I’ll just leave it at that.

April 4 note: Don Quixote has now taken over distribution of Aloha For Japan shirts; Barefoot League (& I think the other stores) will no longer be distributing them.

I have no retail experience.   I don’t even know how to fold a t-shirt (check out my drawers at home — I roll my shirts.) but today I learned & I learned fast.

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