Holy crap, Boomer is a high maintenance dog.

At 8 months of age, my American Bulldog Boomer is getting pretty big.   He’s also pretty athletic.   Most recently he’s added excitement to my life by managing to jump on top of the 6′ wall around my backyard in order to get at the neighbor’s dogs.   He hasn’t actually gotten over yet, but he’s also not full grown yet.

This could be some seriously bad stuff.

On Sunday I thought I was having a heart attack when I saw that he was able to get both of his front legs over the top of the wall.   I ended up packing him up & taking him to the bar with me because I didn’t know what else to do.

Boomer was an excellent bar dog.   For the first few hours, while it was slow, he basically followed me, on leash, everywhere.   He met the early patrons & was nice to everyone except the guy that T hates, probably because he saw the look on T’s face when he interacted with the guy.   I was very unhappy about it; T felt rather pleased.   Men.   By the time the bar got busy, Boomer was so popular with everyone that he ended up hanging out at one of the tables with the guys.

This isn’t really an ideal way to socialize a dog imo, but it ended up being a very good experience for him.   And he wasn’t climbing into my neighbor’s yard to eat their dogs.

I looked at some electronic pet containment systems & the one that looked like it might fit my needs best was Petsafe’s inground one, especially since I could pick it up immediately at Home Depot.   When I discussed it with Boomer’s imminent trainer from Sit Means Sit, he cautioned me that if Boomer rushed the area in a state of excitement that it could actually fuel his frenzy.   Knowing that Boomer is a very drive-y dog (once he focuses on something it is very difficult to change his course), I decided I had to find another solution.

My mom got out of her classroom & came along with me to City Mill, where we picked up 2 7’x3′ segments of wire mesh fencing & a roll of metal wire.   We had to fold it up quite a bit to fit it into my RSX, but managed to get it here without too much damage to my interior.   We bent the loose spindles on the edge of each segment into the patterned hollow tiles lining the top of the wall, then proceeded to tie the fencing to the wall with the metal wire.   It took about an hour.

Once the segments were secured, the neighbor let his dogs out so we could see if Boomer would figure out to jump at new locations.   Since the neighbor’s dogs tend to bark at specific areas, it was a toss up.   During this time Boomer stuck to only one area, & the fencing worked like a dream.   Because he was unable to jump with his head forward, he couldn’t even get his paws on the top of the wall, so all he could really do was jump up & down.   And then he got really tired.

Tired Boomer is good.

I started walking my dogs but since I have to walk them one at a time (they are obedient when we are one on one; when there are more of them they get this “pack” attitude, which is sometimes hard on my wrists) it occurred to me by the 3rd day that I was getting 3x as much exercise as they were, & although I do want to lose weight, I don’t want to hurt quite this much.   And a third of whatever exercise I can handle before my legs fall off of my body wasn’t enough for any of them anyway.

To make this week more intense, Madeline got spayed today.   She’s being kept overnight so I can keep Boomer & Chie indoors with me while I sleep tonight, but once Madeline comes home my little wall jumper has to stay outside for 5 days while Madeline wears a funnel collar.   This means that Boomer will be able to patrol the wall while I am sleeping, which makes me nervous.

I don’t want him to figure out that some areas of the wall are unblocked.   Right now if I call him off the wall most times he will leave it without my having to go out there & threaten him, but while I’m asleep no one will be watching him.   It’s entirely possible that I won’t be getting a lot of sleep this week.

Hopefully I can find someone with a truck who can help me pick up more fencing before Boomer figures anything out, & hopefully with help from Sit Means Sit we can eventually train him not to worry about the neighbor’s dogs barking on the other side of the wall.   Today I lured him away from the barking with treats & then rewarded him for sitting on my porch while they barked.

Currently Boomer is passed out on my floor & we are safe for the evening.

Time for some WoW.


One response to “Boomerproofing

  1. Boomer was awesome that night mate, and I didn’t even really care that my face totally smelt like dog slobber the next morning :)

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