Your Secret Is Safe

I have a mental block about secrets.   I forget them.

I first noticed it over a decade ago.   I worked, as all 20-somethings work, at a job where there was just tons of intrigue & drama all the time.   You know, it just seems like the only positions the world will give us at that age.   Everything was so intense & silly all the time.   Anyway.

One of my co-workers had a crush on another one of our co-workers.   I thought she was silly & I knew he was a jack ass, but she really liked him & that was that.   Until she slept with him.   And she told me about it.

“You can’t tell this to anyone,” she said, quite clearly.   “Not to anyone, ok?”   And of course I agreed.   You always agree to stuff like that.   She wasn’t my only friend at work but we were all friends & chances are after she made me promise not to tell anyone, she probably told everyone else, little by little, anyway.   Or, more likely, she had already told other people.   I mean, we were all in our twenties.   It was only a matter of time before someone else broke their vow of silence & told everyone about it even though everyone actually already knew.   But it wasn’t going to be me.

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