Dear Skinny Bitch At Kalihi Pet Clinic

I doubt you have forgotten it, but for other readers’ sake this is about that time you humiliated a dog owner in your waiting room because her dog was very skinny.   You did it loudly & obnoxiously, in front of everyone else in the waiting room.   You accused her of abuse & threatened to report her.   And she quietly accepted whatever you had to say, completely ashamed & degraded.

Well, I don’t accept what you said.

Her dog was eating 4 cups of Instinct ($2+/lb premium dogfood) a day & he was still losing weight.   She was worried about him; we were all worried about him.   It turned out that he had worms.   She had it taken care of & he looks great now.  I’m sure you want to know why it took so long.   Let me tell you.

She had recently lost her living situation & was crashing her sister’s couch.   She was working full-time to support 2 teenaged daughters, which in itself would be all that anyone could handle.    Her sister’s home didn’t allow pets, so she begged permission to build — by her 90 lb self — a kennel at her mother’s house.   She didn’t ask anyone for help; she just did it.

She’d wake up extra early to take care of her family & then she’d work all day.   When she got home she’d pack up his water bottles & plastic bags & then go to her mother’s house to pick him up.   Then she’d drive him to an area where she could walk him without too many distractions or other dogs because there are too many other dogs in that neighborhood & he can — & has — easily yanked her off her feet because she is so tiny.   Then she’d go back home, take care of her family, & then head back to her mother’s house, where she’d actually sleep in the garage with her dog, because she couldn’t bear to think of him having to sleep by himself.

On the weekends she’d get up extra early to take him running around a park area before other people started showing up.   She spent every spare moment she had being a good owner to him while juggling an already very difficult life.

I wish you could see the pictures she just took of him, because he looks awesome.   He’s almost as handsome as my dog.   No dog is as handsome as my dog, but he comes close.   She is devoted to that dog & you accused her of abusing him.   You demeaned & maligned her in front of a room full of strangers.

I’ve brought 2 of my dogs to Kalihi Pet Clinic.   I had my Basenji, Jack, neutered with you folks earlier this year, & he had a very bad time.   Your staff called me because he was snapping.   This is not typical of Jack; he has always been extremely well behaved at vet visits, including one in which he was getting stapled & stitched after being attacked by bigger dogs.

It was after Jack’s procedure that I decided I was never coming back to your facility specifically because you were so rude to me.   As I stood there, with Jack quite docilely sitting in my arm, asking to book an appointment 6 months ahead for my other dog’s spay, you were so mean & condescending that once I got home I decided to look for a different veterinarian.   When asked why, I said, “I just don’t like that older skinny chick that works there.   She gives me a bad feeling.”   In retrospect, I bet you gave Jack a bad feeling as well.

I’m sure Kalihi Pet Clinic is busy & that business is good.   I’m not writing this letter to you to hurt your business.   I’ve heard from many that your boss is a great guy who actually cares about the animals.

I’m writing this because you humiliated one of my friends — one of the gentlest, kindest, most patient & softhearted people that I know — in front of a bunch of people.   And I want you to have some idea of what it feels like.    But it’ll never quite be the same, because you deserve it.   She didn’t.

You owe her an apology.


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  1. I too used to take my dog to Kalihi Pet Clinic. However, after my last visit, I decided that I needed to find a new vet. The younger vet there left the exam door open in which that older skinny woman and another assistant were prepping 2 dogs for surgery I assume. One was asleep on the exam table while the other had jumped off and was barking at the skinny woman. She yelled at the dog, “Oh you gonna bite me again, huh!?” after getting the other dog to sleep I saw her dump him on the table and pull the other one over by it’s tail. I was shocked and horrified. I felt so bad that I had taken my dog there…ever. To think that’s how they treated him he had his surgery.

    Dr. Lau was always great with his exciting stories and he seemed to like animals. But after that, I would never take my baby back there.

    It’s horrible that she humiliated someone without knowing what the situation was. Obviously, if you are in there in the first place, you care about your dog. Which seems ironic now… because of that woman. Now I feel that if you care about your dog, you would never take him to that place where she could abuse him.

  2. I found your blog randomly looking for pet supplies. I know EXACTLY which woman you are talking about. I don’t go there any more either. We’re very happy at Kokua pet clinic. I highly recommend them!

  3. A little background about myself. I am currently a 3rd year veterinary student, animal lover and have been working at various clinics and animal shelters since I was in high school. Over 10 years of clinical experience with animals. My father is also a human internal medicine doctor and my mother is an ER nurse, so I grew up in the medical field. Our family has two dogs and a cat, in addition to some exotic animals that we love dearly.

    I’ve read a couple of your blogs. I realize that people have good and bad experiences at various vets. I can not speak to those incidents directly because I was not there. I have personal experience with a few of the clinics that you have mentioned in your blogs with my personal thou. My concern is that your blogs are filled with ALOT of misinformation. For example Dr. Sakamoto’s advice for treating cellulitis was not wrong. You are lucky your dog’s symptoms resolved without more aggressive therapy. But alternatively I’ve seen many similar cases, judging by the pictures and history you presented, to become necrotic or worse septic. Then it becomes a medical emergency. Sounds like what Dr. Sakamoto was offering you the standard for treating your pet’s issue. Throwing antibiotics at your dog’s issues and praying for the best, can be dangerous. Lucky for you it worked out. But judging by your blogs you would be the first to blame the vet if they just gave you antibiotics and your dog became sick or worse died. If you are reading this blog PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR VET and not this woman. Often vets don’t explain themselves, as well as, they should and maybe that’s where the communication broke down, but I don’t feel he was just trying to take your money.

    I’ve grown up taking my pets to Kalihi Pet Clinic, from when they were in Kalihi Shopping Center and to tell you the truth I have had nothing but good things to say about them. I also have heard that the nurse you are talking about has a medical condition that makes her skinny, so you might want to consider that before you start insulting people on the internet. Honestly all dogs should be checked for worms upon their first visit to the veterinarian at 6 WEEKS if not earlier! NOT when they are showing signs of infestation. Your friend’s poor dog, it was probably suffering from worms since BIRTH!!! (Most intestinal worms in puppies are passed while still in the uterus) If you don’t take it to the vet and your dog is malnourished or being sucked dry by worms, that kinda is abuse. Money is not an excuse. I’m sorry that your friend has financial problems, but the veterinarian’s job is a medical provider not a financial advisor. If you have a pet you should be able to afford to care and provide for it properly. Preventative medicine is the key, not waiting to your dog is loaded with worms and showing signs.

    I’ve also read a few responses on here about ppl blaming dog’s bad behavior on perceived mistreatment at the vets, yourself included. I’ve even read about how your dog misbehaves towards you. Poor animal behavior is mostly a result of owner’s not socializing their pets at a young age, NOT their vets. Its easily to blame the vet rather then take personal responsibility. NO pet should EVER show aggression towards a person. Going to a vet is never a real pleasurable experience for an animal. That’s where they go to get shots, surgery, examined by strangers, etc. Like how ppl rarely like going to their human physicians. But as a pet owner myself, who is around my pets 365 days a year, I find it hard to blame a vet from my animal’s misbehavior, when they see my dog for maybe 15 min per visit. I’ve had dogs from rotties, pit bull to jack rus and humane society mixed breed rescues and they’ve never shown aggression to any human in any situation. Why? Not because my dog’s live a perfect life but because I put a lot of time training them, socializing them and taking them to the vets offices even if its just to socialize.

    Anyways I can tell you are a pet lover, like myself. And I don’t mean to totally attack you BUT I really think that you seem a little misguided in your blogs. I’m afraid that your advice might lead to ppl killing their pet. My advice to ppl reading tis blog is…Its not wrong to question your vet or even human doctor but please don’t think that the things you read on this blog are based on any kind of medical background. And for Lauren it seems like eventually you have problems where ever you take your pets. I really think it would be good for you to volunteer or work at a vet office for a while. I think you would find out how the other side lives and maybe have a different perspective on what animal care providers go thru.


    • Darren, thanks for that really long message. Your perspective is noted, & I truly appreciate your obvious effort at not being condescending (You failed. It’s ok.) & even that you have read my blogs at all. Just a few things, though.

      1. I am not giving anyone advice. Where did you get that from? I am simply sharing my experiences. I’m the first to admit that if you know better, PLEASE share with me. I grew up with dogs, but I’m a first time dog owner & I’m learning as I go. Note the caption at the top “Ravings of a freaked out dog owner.” This is not an advice column. This is me, freaking out. Well, sometimes.

      2. I never blamed the vet for my dog’s behavior. Again, where did you get that? Hindsight is 20/20 & holy crap, were there a ton of things I didn’t understand when I first got my dogs, & I’m sure there remain things yet to be learned. But blaming the vet? No. I’m saying Sakamoto was a DICK & Boomer could tell. And that chick at KHP, regardless of when or how or whatever, should NOT have screamed & threatened & humiliated my friend, who had only just acquired the dog & was trying to fix the problem. Also, I don’t care about her medical condition. It’s not an excuse to be mean to people. She’s MEAN. I’ve met her. I was totally nice to her & she was a major BITCH. And I’ve had friends who say the same thing. Also, I haven’t insulted her. I described her.

      Regarding your chastisement about checking for worms, my friend’s dog (Madeline’s littermate, btw, & Madeline has never had worms. Knock on wood.) was seen by Dr. Lau pretty much all his life, regularly, until that woman chased her out of the waiting room. Also, no financial advice was asked. She was there, ready to pay, in spite of her situation. I don’t know where you got these assumptions from.

      3. One bad experience with Dr. Sakamoto & you’re telling me I have nothing but bad experiences? It was a single incident. Boomer actually LOVED going to Gentle Vets, & LOVED everyone there, every single time, until Dr. Sakamoto. You may have missed the beginning of the post where I talked about WHY I went to GV, & it was because they were so kind to Madeline & even made her spay experience a good one. I don’t actually take my dogs to Kalihi Pet Clinic; the Skinny Bitch incident was something that happened to my friend, not me.

      4. I don’t think it was mere luck with Boomer. I think my dad was right. And maybe cutting into blood engorged cellulitis is standard procedure for vets (woohoo, additional charge for blood transfusion!), but hell if I was going to let that spiteful jerk touch my dog. My dad’s been a surgeon a long time. He’s also pretty smart. He regularly catches things on patients that their internists don’t; he recently received a phone call from an internist at Kuakini who said “You do my job better than I do.” This is totally not anything against your dad; it’s actually a coincidence that it’s always internists.

      I don’t know who “that woman” you are referring to is, but I was taking my dad’s advice, after he examined Boomer with the GREAT advantage of Boomer not freaking out so hard that he emptied his anal sacs. If my dad said that cellulitis was not ready to be sliced up, it wasn’t. And I didn’t just “throw antibiotics” at my dog. I hot compressed him, strictly following my dad’s orders, all day for several days. I paid attention. I reported to my dad, constantly. I watched him. I wrung my hands. I didn’t just “throw” shit at him. You vet techs must have it so hard behind that counter for you to have such contempt for those of us on this side.

      Ok, numbered items done.

      Anyway, this is already TLDR & I apologize. As far as misinformation, I’m afraid I completely disagree. This is honestly just what happened to me or what I think. I totally welcome you to tell me what happened to you & what you think but it would be really nice if you read what I wrote more carefully (there are a number of additional accusations or judgments you make that make no sense to me, but I’ve already written enough) or with an open mind & then discussed rather than attacked.

  4. Your response is full of inconsistencies.

    For example from your original post: “I’ve brought 2 of my dogs to Kalihi Pet Clinic.” And now your response ” I don’t actually take my dogs to Kalihi Pet Clinic; the Skinny Bitch incident was something that happened to my friend, not me.” Not only is this inconsistent but the you are now admittedly openly bashing someone, in which you are now admitting, wasn’t even a first hand experience. I guess you are entitled to your opinion but from my first hand experience I can tell ppl who read this blog that while the nurse can be a little tita-ish, but she is really a nice person. I would think that you can understand since u admit that some ppl call you a ” snob & an elitist”

    Or from your response: “I never blamed the vet for my dog’s behavior. Again, where did you get that?” From your original post ” I had my Basenji, Jack, neutered with you folks earlier this year, & he had a very bad time. Your staff called me because he was snapping. This is not typical of Jack; ” How do you know he was having a bad time? Maybe your dog just needs to be socialized better. Or another example of you NOT BLAMING THE VET for your dogs behavior “As soon as he walked in, Boomer hated him. Boomer began growling, although he eventually stopped when I scolded him & put him in the corner. I was shocked. Boomer loves people.” What Dr. Sakamoto did was totally appropriate. Muzzling a dog that shows signs of aggression is ALWAYS a good idea and sometimes removing the owner from the room does decrease aggression. The protection of the staff and clients comes first. Working in vets offices I can count numerous times where the owner has said “my dog would never bite” or “I can control him”… next thing you know the owner gets bitten or the doctor/staff gets bitten because the owner doesn’t know how to restrain properly. Your dog is a Pitbull, and I love pit bulls, they can be the nicest dogs but they can also do serious damage . If a dog is showing signs of aggression the appropriate steps are to 1) Place a muzzle, 2) restrain 3) remove unnecessary ppl from the room. Its can be a liability to the clinic if a owner gets bitten even by their own dog. Also if a dog is aggressive in any circumstance vs ppl, it is the doctor’s RESPONSIBILITY to suggest a neuter.

    Then there’s “I am not giving anyone advice.” You in effect stated that Dr. Sakamoto’s plan to treat your dog’s cellulitis was wrong by claiming “Dr. Sakamoto wanted to charge me $1000 to make my dog worse” and “Greedy bastards. Is this how veterinarians make their money? At the expense of the animals?” I’m just saying based on the size, location, history of the lesion getting bigger it WAS NOT wrong for Dr. Sakamoto to offer surgery. “(Cellulitis) that do not drain spontaneously may need to be lanced by your veterinarian. If there is a sizeable cavity, your veterinarian may ask you to flush it once or twice a day using a dilute antiseptic surgical solution such as chlorhexidine until healing is complete. Your veterinarian may place a drain in a large abscess to help speed healing.” (via webMD) True it can resolve with antibiotics but not in all cases. Given the apparent severity of the lesion your dad should have informed you that your dog at the very least should be hospitalized with IV antibiotics (as a precaution), given the size, symptoms and concern for sepsis. Dr. Sakamoto could also have been concerned with a foreign body being the underlying cause of the lesion. By not having surgery to remove the fb, the cellulitis might only have gotten worse. I’m just saying that ppl read your blog, esp those with no medical background, and all they see is “Vets like doing unnecessary procedures and cellulitis can be treated purely with antibiotics. Look how Dr. Sakamoto tried to do me wrong.” When in fact he was doing everything correctly. Also if it was just cellulitis I doubt your dog would have needed a blood transfusion, and if that lesion did contain blood, EVEN MORE REASON YOUR PET SHOULD HAVE BEEN HOSPITALIZED…you should ask your dad about that.

    “I haven’t insulted her. I described her.” Calling someone a “Skinny Bitch” especially if there is an underlying medical condition isn’t insulting her? Uhhhh yes it is. If I were to start a blog calling you a “Ignorant Fat Bitch”, I guess you wouldn’t take that as an insult? You can say you were just describing her but anyone with half a mind would know what your intent was.

    Say your friends dog didn’t have worms from birth, which given all your other inconsistencies I find hard to believe. Then shouldn’t it have been on heartworm preventative that would have taken care of intestinal parasites as well? Its more likely that your friend didn’t take her dog to the vet for initial puppy checks and didn’t get put on a dewormer and heartworm prevention like its litter mates. Either way its kinda neglectful to not have your dog on heartworm prevention living in Hawaii.

    I initially came across this page because I was doing a google search. I realize that my posts have been confrontational, but I feel you of all ppl should be able to take it based on your blogs. The real reason I’m posting thou is that I do feel that you are misinformed about a lot of things in veterinary medicine. And it does concern me about what you post. Working in vets offices we see this kind of thing ALOT. Dr. Google can be misleading, blogs like this can be misleading. PPL take personal experiences as FACT. (Ask your dad.) I just wanted to offer a different point of view and I’ll leave it at that. And I do think it maybe a good idea for you to experience how it is from the veterinary staff point of view.

    • Ok, more defending myself from the angry vet tech. I don’t have an overwhelming attachment to being “right,” but if you’re going to prove me wrong about something, at least make sense.

      I took my dogs to KPC for a single spay & a single neuter. They were not my dogs’ regular vet. So yes, they had been there, technically. I DID meet the Skinny bitch. She was skinny, & she was a bitch. “Openly admitting to bashing someone?” Um, did you read the blog? In it I BITCHED HER OUT. Admit? I wrote a whole blog post DOING it. What are you talking about?

      Jack had a very bad time at KPC. I know this because when I picked him up, his face was covered with tears. Yes, he cries tears. I know he had a bad time. However, please show me the statement where I say it was BECAUSE of the vet.

      With Sakamoto, Boomer simply didn’t like him. Boomer’s met a lot of people; he’s been in rooms full of people & liked everyone. I was honestly shocked; Sakamoto was the 2nd person Boomer had ever growled at, the 1st being a homeless guy who was harrassing my friend. There’s no blame for the growling anywhere. Boomer just didn’t like him; although it turned out to be justified because the guy was a dick, nowhere did I ever say Sakamoto made Boomer do it. As far as Boomer’s other behavioral issues – the wall jumping, the one time he growled because he didn’t want to take the pill – no one, vet or otherwise, ever got blamed for that. They were simply issues I blogged about working on. I realize it makes it easier for you to demonize me if it looks like I am irresponsible & victimy, but the whole reason why I even post about things I’m working on is because I’M WORKING ON THEM.

      I don’t know why you are lecturing me on muzzling when there is no complaint about it.

      Your attempt to prove I’m giving advice is also nonsensical. I made a criticism. Criticism & advice are 2 different things. Advice would involve me giving instructions. As far as people taking personal experiences as fact, uh… my accounts are factual. They did actually happen. But that does not constitute “advice” or “instruction.” I would never expect a reader to do the same thing I did with Boomer. Unless THEIR dad is a surgeon & can advise care of their dog. Then hey.

      My dog is not a pit bull, & I’m surprised a self proclaimed “vet tech ” would use such an ignorant term. I think what you mean is that my dog is a “bully breed.” You should research the definition of “pit bull” as it pertains to Staffordshires & APBTs, & I also recommend Dave Putnam’s book on American Bulldogs (it’s full of spelling & grammatical errors, but the historical data is really interesting & well expressed). THAT was advice, btw. That’s what advice looks like.

      Ok, I’ll give you that the word “bitch” is insulting. But considering the spirit of my post, in which I was harshly criticizing (see definition of “bash!” lol) her, totally deliberate. “Skinny” is not an insult as far as I know, although “fat” can be, especially since I’m not fat. So, win for you, Darren! Yay! Yes, I insulted her! Big shocker there! lol

      Regarding your 2nd to last paragraph, didn’t you read my comment? She had only just acquired the dog & had brought him to KPC. However, that SAME dog had been seeing Dr. Lau at KPC SINCE HE WAS A PUPPY. And what does Heartgard have to do with this? Heartgard is for heartworms. And besides, he WAS on Heartgard. Nowhere is there any discussion about him not being on Heartgard. Seriously, I feel like I’m talking to a crazy person.

      Speaking of crazy, I just noticed that I’m acronym-ing Kalihi Pet Clinic to KHP. Changing it to KPC but I’m leaving it in the previous comment for now. Weird.

      It seems a little strange that you would “admit” to your posts being confrontational. I think they go a little beyond that. It’s possible to be confrontational without being condescending. I try to do that myself, & I admit to not being perfect at it, but when faced with it, it’s even harder not to respond in kind. I apologize that this reply was full of sarcasm; I’m going to leave it there, but I acknowledge I have been a bitch to you in this post, so were you to call me a “bitch” it COULD be a description. =)

      There’s a difference between talking WITH me about things & attacking me. You did the latter. I’ve responded as well as I can, & if you want to keep going, out of respect for someone who obviously cares very much about the issue, I’ll keep going too. But I’d rather not get into a fight based on worded technicalities & sarcasm. Honestly state what you think, & have faith that I’ll honestly state what I think. I’m not trying to fool anyone here. If you think I’m being unreasonable about something, addressing the issue rather than attacking my character would be (I’d like to think) more productive for both of us. As far as attacking my character, you’ll keep failing, although you’ll certainly stress me out a bit along the way because a lot of what you’ve said makes no sense to me.

      If I’m misinformed & you want to help, TALK to me about it. Don’t attack me. It’s childish. I could have gone all nuts at you for not being able to spell the word “though” & hold it up as God given proof that you’re stupid, but that’s silly. I know lots of people who can’t spell who are intelligent.

      I like your “advice” on seeing the other side of the veterinary counter. You’re asking me to be more open-minded, less prone to ignorance. It’s the single positive thing you had to contribute. Likewise, try to see that opposing views do not make either person “the bad guy.” You keep navigating back to me being a liar, or hypocrite, or otherwise evil person, & it’s not serving you unless the only reason for your comment was to antagonize. I don’t think that’s what you meant to do, but we could have had a really great talk about these issues & instead it was just kind of a schizophrenic argument where I didn’t know what you were talking about half the time.

      • I don’t have time to argue every point. Ill leave it up to others to decide…

        But you know that Heartgard not only takes care of heartworms but intestinal parasites as well. So if he WAS on heartgard as you proclaim he would not have been infested with INTESTINAL worms causing him to be skinny. Get your lies straight.

        • Actually, I didn’t. I always knew Heartgard was for heartworms. No idea it’s for anything else. Really. But if accusing me of lying (& lying poorly!) is the best you can come up with at this point, then I suppose it really doesn’t matter. It sounds to me like you have some anger issues you need to deal with, & reality is obviously not a significant factor in your reasoning.

          Seriously, Darren. Grow up. Or see a doctor. There’s more to life than arguing with me about stuff that you obviously pulled out of your butt.

    • Also if your friend just attained the dog, like you said, what was your friend doing giving it heartgard? It should be blood tested negative for heartworms, by a vet, before placed on any kind of prevention. Any heartworm prevention, even if ordered online by your friend or from Costco needs veterinary approval first. Just saying the basic facts of your story doesn’t make sense. By no means is This the only example of your lying I can think of but it’s the most black and white example. So just to get this straight you are saying your friend’s dog was on heartgard but somehow had a infestation with intestinal parasites? And Also never saw a vet but somehow attained heartgard and was medicating her dog with it? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Just saying its hard to believe anything you say if you can’t get your story straight.

      I feel like I made my point and spent enough time on here. I don’t see the point in continuing this conversation. I can agree to disagree. Best of luck to you.

      • Wow, that’s a really angry vet tech. Where does he work? I want to make sure I don’t take my pets there. Hmmm… Could it be he works at Kalihi Pet Clinic? It would make sense.

        Dear Darren,

        Sometimes there are places where the workers are not kind. This is true of any place, not just where you work. Sometimes ppl have bad experiences with workers who we can’t all take the time to get to know. This is an account of one of those times.

        I’ve seen, first hand mind you, that woman be abusive to animals that were to be treated. Maybe you should try to look at this objectively instead of trying so hard to defend her. Which quite honestly, you failed to do. And please don’t forget that there are others of us who have had negative experiences with the same woman. Maybe it’s only from this side of the counter that she’s a “bitch”, but this side is where you make your living from. So learn to respect it.

      • Holy crap, Darren. I know the dog was on Heartgard because I know the owner previous to my girlfriend. Like I said (I guess you missed it), he was going to KPC since puppy time. What makes no sense is you arguing about this. You don’t want the truth; you just want to prove SOMETHING wrong, & you keep failing, miserably.

        My story hasn’t changed. Your imagination, however, has been quite the picnic.

          • Not at all, not at all… only thing is…what you’re doing is bending over backward trying to fix stupid…and you know what they say about that…

            • Oh sorry I must have missed your explaination on why your friends dog had intestinal worms if it was supposingly on heartgard… (Silence) …. That’s what I thought.

              Come at u Chuck? I figured this was the type of ppl I was dealing with. Good one bro. Pffffffffff.

              I agree can’t fix stupid, I don’t know why I tried. I’m done with this lame blog.

            • I’m pretty sure Tara was addressing me, Darren.

              You didn’t try to fix anything. All you came here to do was antagonize because you’re so OFFENDED that a mere civilian would DARE to criticize someone in your profession. Without any actual logic or reason or, apparently, reading comprehension. So the only thing you “fixed” was my mistaken perception that you have anything worthwhile to contribute beyond a point-&-shake-head sort of entertainment.

    • Darren, I was mostly trying to express that you should just stop being an a-hole and you respond with Pffffffffff. So yeah, you’re now a childish idiot.

      • Shucks, Chuck. I thought Darren might come back with some kind of brilliant fabrication for you too. I guess we’ll have to be content with “explaination” & “supposingly.” Oh well; it’s the weekend.

  5. Lmao I can’t believe he thought I was talking to him. I wouldn’t bother talking to a troll. Wonder why trolls troll though…maybe he’s bitter because daddy’s a doctor and mommy’s a nurse and since he’s unable to string together a decent thought the only *patients* who will put up with him are animals. I feel so sorry for the animals. Maybe he was googling vet clinics because he can’t hold down a job anywhere after arguing with everyone about nonsense. Ok, I’ve had my fun picking on the village idiot…back to you…

  6. Lol! He thought you could respond in the middle of his typing after he used “supposingly” in a sentence. He really needs spell check so that he can stop using fake words and bad grammar. Poor guy. His dad is a doctor and his mom is a nurse and he’s so sadly retarded. I’ve heard of this happening.

    You know, maybe you shouldn’t criticize him since it’s probably a medical condition that’s causing his idiotic comments.

  7. I was going to leave a different comment and then I got a load of the crazy discussion here.

    I work in rescue. I don’t have the famillial credentials that Darren here boasts, but I will say this: all these made up or not made up details and technicalities that Darren is trying to “catch” you with have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the fact that an employee at a veterinary facility not only BULLIED but also DETERRED a pet owner from properly caring for her dog. Nothing Darren says is even relevant here.

    As an animal lover, I sincerely hope that Darren is lying about being a vet tech because if that’s the way he thinks, that employees should be justified to abuse owners and thereby abuse their pets just because of this small detail or that small detail or this misplaced assumption or that… he shouldn’t be in the field. The animal’s care should come first to a veterinary worker, not he said she said rubbish.

    That said, we have had good experiences with Kalihi Pet Clinic and I think I know which woman you are talking about. She is not awful all the time. I’m very sorry that your friend had such a traumatic experience and I’m glad to know she persevered and got her dog back to good health. Contrary to what Darren here says, that’s a good owner and we need more of them!

  8. Kalihi Pet Center is a good Vet and thank goodness we have them at they have very reasonable prices. If you don’t like it there then please don’t go, the regulars don’t need bitchy drama queens. Take your pet some place else.

  9. Darren is right…being on Heartgard does treat intestinal parasites. You can’t be on it without a prescription. As far as the “skinny bitch” she’s worked with Dr. Lau for 12 years, I’m sure she’s seen a lot of mistreatment towards animals. Maybe this was the day she’d decided she’d seen enough and decided to speak up. How heartbreaking it must be to work with clients who have no voice or recourse of their own….ones that come in day after day and year after year sick from neglect and apathy in the part of their owners. Unless of course they are sick by design, and that’s what this sounds like. What a shame.

    • I knew this post would attract trolls, which is sad, but inevitable. Your friend Darren may or may not be correct about various things, but it was impossible to have intelligent discussion with him at all. If you are also going to deliberately misunderstand what I say then I’m not going to entertain you either. Neglect & apathy? Read the post again. Or don’t even try to troll already.

      • Oh yeah, & what’s a SHAME is you justifying a veterinary worker’s abuse of some poor girl who was doing the responsible thing & bringing her dog to the vet. If that skinny bitch can’t handle the stress of her job, then that’s unfortunate, but it’s no excuse to attack an owner.

        I didn’t get much sleep & I’m a little cranky. So bite me, Jenny. I’m sick of you chickenshit assholes who can’t even be bothered to read completely before mouthing off at me, just because you think your internet anonymity gives you free license to be a bully.

        • Wow! This has been going on for a long time and much of the content is hurtful and mean. Overall it is about pet owners finding the best Dr., who they feel comfortable with, who can work together in the best interest of the pet. If the experience did not meet one’s liking, move on.

          Our personal experience with KPC has been nothing but great. Although personalities can sometimes clash, if we are forgiving of each others flaws the quality of our life will improve. I’ve had to put my pet down due to a liver infection that they worked really hard to treat, and when that tough decision had to be made the people at KPC were so compassionate, kind, understanding and special, including the nurse that is being referred to in the blog. I continue to take our pit and terrier there because I believe they care and they know what they are doing. I appreciate the staff, Dr Lau and Dr Sakamoto. They are apart of our family. Thank you Kalihi Pet Clinic staff!

          • That’s great & I’m honestly glad you have had a good experience. I also commend you for being the first civil KPC supporter.

            I didn’t write this open letter to tell people not to go to KPC; I’m well aware that Dr. Lau is a very nice guy who isn’t in it for the money. I just wanted the worker in question to have a taste of what it is like to be bullied. And to let her know that the person she bullied was doing & is still doing her best to care for her dog.

            As far as everyone else’s personal experiences with KPC, I totally respect that. Thank you for your comment.

  10. I dont’ understand how your friends dog had intestinal worms if it has been on heartgard since it was a puppy? Also it is not responsible to keep dogs on Heartgard without regular blood checks. For a dog to get noticeably skinny due to a worm burden the infestation must have been tremendous. Dogs don’t get like this overnight, without going thru months of gastrointestinal signs…(diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, anorexia etc) It does sound kind of neglectful to me to be honest.

    If your friend has two kids to support, was living at a friends house, etc… maybe a dog is the last thing your friend needs to worry about for now. I’m a dog lover but I believe if you can’t afford to take care of them financially, maybe you shouldn’t have one. I mean its a big responsibility and sounds like your friend has more on her plate then she can handle. I don’t know your friend, I could be wrong… I’m hoping she gets back on her feet thou, whatever her current situation.

    Maybe the way the nurse came across was uncalled for. I can’t judge, because I wasn’t there or even know who she is. But it sounds like you weren’t there either. I do tend to agree with some of the things Darren is saying thou about the medical side (Treating Cellulitis, etc). And from a neutral bystander I do see where his attacks would prove unproductive… thou I see that coming from both sides. Not sure what a Troll is, but when you start off calling someone a “Skinny Bitch”, I would think you would have expected or encouraged like responses… whether thats right or wrong is another story.

    • She’s doing much better, thank you. And her dog is doing great. She refused to abandon him in spite of hard times, & I think she should be commended, not faulted, for that. The bottom line is that she took him to Kalihi Pet Clinic to get help, & was instead attacked & humiliated. Fortunately she was able to get help elsewhere. AS far as HOW he got the worms, I dunno, he just did. He kind of got dumped on her & she had to make the best of her situation.

      As far as Darren, I give up on that guy. If he was making any sense within the craziness, I’m not willing to revisit in order to find it. Not worth my time. Sometimes brevity can be more effective in communication. As well as logic.

      Re: “Skinny Bitch,” I still can’t apologize for that. I’m aware it’s inflammatory, but IMO it’s a description. When I said those words to other friends who have been there, they all knew, instantly, who I meant. As far as attracting trolls… it is inevitable. But trolls are trolls because it’s in their nature already. In spite of my title there are still people like you & Pet Lover who find ways to respond like adults in spite of the title. Nice people will be nice, even to not nice people. Intelligent people will respond intelligently, even to idiots.

  11. There sure are quite a few people claiming to be in the field who don’t understand Heartgard only treats hookworms and roundworms as far as intestinal worms go.

    TLDR: It is absolutely possible to have intestinal parasites causing the described symptoms while being on a consistent regiment of Heartgard. But we can continue to ignore that other intestinal worms exist if it suits your fancy.

  12. Lauren, your friend deserved to be humiliate. She did not properly care for her dog and was an irresponsible owner. No excuse for that.
    People, take your pets to a vet regularly, if you don’t have the time or money, you should not be caring for an animal’s life.

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