When in a wine bar…

Drink beer, right?   Right??

Ugh.   So I take my guitar to my friend’s guitar shop because I’m having some tuning issues & I mention that I’m planning to go see another friend’s gig at Amuse Wine Bar.   My friend in the shop highly recommends the Japanese beer with the white owl on it.   He is much more experienced in beer than I am.   So I commit it to memory: Japanese beer, white owl.

It’s my first time at Amuse Wine Bar.   My very awesome girlfriend Jess sings there on Wednesdays but I never went to see her because Wednesdays are not good days for me; I’m usually a wreck by sundown.   I’m also not much of a wine drinker.   I used to tend bar at Kahala Moon, where we had mandatory wine tasting every month (it was hardly necessary to make it mandatory, but that’s just to demonstrate how serious the management was), but that was a long time ago.   And I can’t afford Caymus any more.   Amuse has this very cool self serve wine set up; apparently you acquire a card & insert it into the dispenser of your choice for a shot of wine & your purchases are all kept track of while you get drunk.

Now that I’ve had to write about it, it sounds kind of cool.   Well.   Anyway.

Tense switch.   All I’m really writing about here is the white owl beer.   It’s called Hitachino White Ale.   There was another Hitachino beer (probably the Red Rice Ale), but I dismissed it because I had been told to get the white one.   And I follow instructions.

I don’t have as much to say about it as the reviewers on Beer Advocate.   It was great when it was cold.   After a minute it wasn’t as cold & it wasn’t as good.   Too fruity.   Too complex.   People often draw parallels between their dining habits & their lovelives & that could certainly apply to me; I have a preference for Asian cuisine & I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.   It’s quite plausible that this white owl beer was also a little too hoppy for me.   As a rule I haven’t liked a lot of Japanese beers, & the one I did like (Kirin Ichiban) gave me headaches.

Ok, this is getting too complicated.

Long story short, my next beer was a Miller Lite.   And my 3rd.   And Amuse Wine Bar has the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had.   Don’t ask me how much it cost though; I had given up keeping track at that point.


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