Robyn O’Brien On The Dangers of the US Food Industry.

Omg, say it isn’t so.   I had hot dogs for dinner.   And I bought the big old Costco suitcase of hot dogs because it makes me happy to have more hot dogs in my refrigerator than I can eat.

A foodie friend sent me this 18 minute video (you can skip the first few minutes to where she starts getting into her research) about the dangers of profit driven food processing in the US.   Robyn O’Brien explains why our system here is organic-unfriendly, & how every other country rejects foods that haven’t been proven safe while the US accepts the same products because they haven’t been proven unsafe.   She also discovered that the US has the highest rates of cancer in the world.

I haven’t researched her research nor have I looked for any skeptics to her statements.   If anyone knows of any, please comment.   Please comment if you have more information that supports her.   I have no attachment to this either way but if she’s right… well… does that mean I can’t eat hot dogs any more?

Please comment if you know of any organic hot dogs.


2 responses to “Robyn O’Brien On The Dangers of the US Food Industry.

  1. Disclaimer: I have not done any research and my response is based strictly on the video you posted.

    My first thought is that Ms. O’Brien does not show any causative relationship between these new proteins and the increase in allergies. She does not reference any studies or trials but instead suggests a link simply by a temporal correlation. As a rebuttal, I submit the following study done at the University of Michigan which suggests a link between the recent increases in antibacterial soap usage to the increase of child allergies [ ].

    O’Brien also tries to blame the new proteins for the increased cancer risk of Americans, but seems to ignore the fact that Americans are the fattest people on the planet. She uses an example of a person moving from Japan (3.9% Obesity in 2009 [ ]) to the U.S. (33.8% Obesity in 2008 [ ]) quadrupling their risk of cancer as evidence without considering other environmental factors.

    Finally, O’Brien attempts to associate these proteins the enormous U.S. health care cost, when it fact the increase is mostly caused by higher prices for health care goods and services and not the amount of care required. [ ].

    In my opinion, this is just a rant by mother overreacting to her child’s allergic reaction. While I cannot be certain that what she alleges is false, there is no scientific basis for her arguments so I remain unconcerned.

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