Lauren Dreams Of Sushi

ImageA few weeks ago, Sada/Tokkuri Tei/Maguro-ya/probably more I don’t know of sushi guy Evan stopped by the bar to let me know he was making sushi at his friend Garrett’s place in the Samsung Plaza.   This was exciting to me for 3 reasons.

First, Evan is super nice.   Sushi tastes better when it’s made by a super nice guy.   Second, Garrett is a perfectionist.   Sushi tastes better when it’s made by, or at least in the presence of, a perfectionist.   Go ahead & quote me on that.   And third, my friend Jimmy had just mentioned going out for sushi the week before & then never called me so I had worked up a nice unrequited craving in the last few days.

The place was called Sushi Ii.   /sooshee-ee-ee/   It was already fun to pronounce.  A good sign.

The first time we went I didn’t take pictures of anything.   I, uh, I forgot.   But it was so good we went again 2 weeks later (last night), & I took pictures.   For you, Logan.   Enjoy.

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