My interpretation of some chicks talking on Facebook

Recently one of my friends posted an article about hateful behavior regarding beauty by Ashley Judd & there was a pretty long discussion between a bunch of us chicks.   I admit I didn’t read the two militant chicks’ comments super closely; I pretty much just read what they said once & took my impressions from there, although I wasn’t sure exactly what they were getting at.   I did ask for clarification but it was probably a silly idea.   The following two images are the discussion.   Enjoy.

P’s “Lauren, show me where I said that”  popped up within 5 seconds of my post.   The very speed with which she stood up to defend herself when I wasn’t actually attacking was pretty impressive.   At that point I weighed the options of going back & dissecting what she said or sticking to the article being discussed & I chose the latter, & this apparently convinced P I was too stupid for her to even speak to.  But to be honest, this is what I took away from the conversation.   I’ve combined both pages to 2 columns; sorry it’s so sloppy but you get the idea.

This is why I prefer Facebook conversations like this:


2 responses to “My interpretation of some chicks talking on Facebook

  1. Your cliff note version would have saved me 10 minutes of my life that i’ll never get back now and still explained everything perfectly. “YEAH, FUCK HER/YOU WANT SOME TOO?” HAHAHA! People who get defensive like that and like to start arguing is one of the reasons I am not on facebook. I was hoping you would pick P’s post apart word for word like you have done in the past, but it would be a waste of time. btw, when I read your “Whoa” comment I pictured Keanu Reeves saying it in my head for some reason.

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