Another epic night at Sushi Ii

I don’t usually post twice about places but since I tried new stuff tonight I wanted to show you guys a picture.   I apologize for the overexposed photos; I got a new point & shoot & I haven’t quite learned how I want the settings adjusted yet.   I’ve also never been much of a photographer & probably never will be, so… sorry.   lol

This is what Garrett & Evan at Sushi Ii put together for me when I asked for a small sashimi plate, but without maguro.   When asked what I liked, I said “I love mirugai & hamachi… & anything weird.”   Both of them nodded knowingly when I added “That’s why I like you guys!”

I forgot to label the Japan Saba on the top left corner of the plate, although it is easily identifiable on sight as saba.   However, it’s not the same pickled Australian saba you would normally expect; it’s salted saba from Japan & it had a very strong flavor.   It was a little too bloody tasting for me, although I still enjoyed its sweet, fatty aftertaste.

My favorite was the engawa, which is the skirt of the halibut.   It was firm & tangy, & very refreshing.   Hirame is my favorite sashimi of all, so it was no surprise that I should enjoy engawa as well.

I also had an order of uni, made into half sized pieces because I can’t fit a whole piece into my mouth.   Yes, I have tried.   I choke.

The final dinner item was the maguro kama, which is the whole, baked jawbone of a tuna.   I’ve had many a hamachi kama, & it’s always been wonderful.   I’m not a fan of maguro in general, & certainly not cooked tuna, but kama is different because it is very fatty & moist.   The flesh has a much softer grain & is full of flavor in varying degrees depending on which part of the kama you are picking from.   I’d never had maguro kama, but Garrett said the kama they had in the back was a very good one, & it was only $30, so we decided to go for it.

And it was really good.   But it took 30 minutes to cook (they warned us; we insisted we wanted it) & we were seriously running on fumes by the time it came out.   Still, it was so delicious that we managed to eat most of it even as faded as we were.

Another fabulous dinner.   And way too cheap.

Sushi Ii is located in the Samsung Plaza on Keeaumoku Street.   I’m plugging them because I want them to stay in business.   Please read the article linked in the 1st paragraph for my initial post about them.   Otherwise:

Hours: Lunch 11am-2pm, Dinner 5pm-10:30pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Phone number: 942-5350
Validated parking


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