More Facebook Adventures

Ingu will enjoy this.

Today one of my girlfriends on Facebook posted this anecdote about Mitt Romney.   She said “I’m not political by any means but I don’t know how people actually support this guy.   Makes me sad…”

When I read the story on the image, it struck me as ridiculous.   There are ridiculous stories floating all over the place & usually when it sounds unbelievable, it is.

However, when I looked the story up, it turned out to be true.   Mitt Romney really did strap his family dog to the top of a car (in a crate).   The air pressure even within a crate would have been a constant 3 lbs & the dog very likely suffered intense fear the whole time, which probably resulted in it voiding itself.   On top of that, strapping a crate to the outside of a car is pretty unsafe.   If it somehow came loose, the dog could die or at least be badly injured.   Obviously the dog was aware of this.

The first 3 comments in response to this were predictable: “What a dick!”   “Agreed. What a dick!” & mine, claiming that I had looked it up & found it to be true.   All fairly boring, normal responses.

And then someone named Sandra posted this:

Yeah, I thought it was odd too.   Did we somehow disparage dead babies in our comments?   Someone else posted a paragraph about their personal feelings on abortion rights, effectively adding to Sandra’s hijacking of the conversation.   So what the hell, I figured I’d jump in.

I’m just joking.   I know neither Mitt Romney nor his family dog Seamus was pregnant.   Although if they were, that would have been AWESOME.

Other people jumped in, but Sandra went on for a bit lecturing us on the evils of baby murder, never ever getting my point.   I even did a little number about apples & oranges.

I think she quit after that.   It’s been quiet.


2 responses to “More Facebook Adventures

  1. Here’s the thing Sandra, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you should just stop. Just stop, because NOBODY ON EARTH CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY! But if you must, go ahead and show everyone why you should be the poster child for birth control. Ouch! Was that too harsh? Sorry. btw, what is your profile picture of? My guess is a cake?

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