Lauren vs. Rat

Last year I knew there was a mouse in the house.   It kept itself fairly scarce, so I set a token snap trap but wasn’t overly upset when the bait disappeared & the trap didn’t go off.

However, 2 weeks ago everything changed.

I live in the maids quarters in my late grandparents’ house.   The main house is uninhabited except for my use of the kitchen.   To reach the kitchen I must leave my room, walk down a short hallway, go through the laundry room past the workshop, walk through a long family room, & then enter a small foyer which connects to the kitchen on the left & my grandmother’s deserted study on the right.   It’s a small trek.

One night, as I entered the kitchen, something zoomed past my feet & hid behind the stove. I waited. It zoomed back out, past me, into the study.   I followed, turned on the light, & waited.   I listened to it move furtively behind a filing cabinet.   I stood there & just waited.   Suddenly, it popped out on top of the desk & just stared at me.   We stared at each other.   It was a moment.

It was larger than I’d expected.   I decided I’d have to get one of those inhumane sticky traps since the snap trap hadn’t worked.   Tomorrow.   Eventually.

That night while I was sleeping, the rat made its way across the family room & through the laundry room, & vandalized my Dove soap.

It was calling me out.

Boomer & I spent half an hour in the study, with me flinging furniture out of the way & him lunging for the rat.   Boomer has a really impressive nose, & he’s super drivey; it was pretty fun.   The rat finally eluded us by escaping into the family room (where I can’t fling furniture), but I gave Boomer the doggy high five anyway.   It’s all about the entertainment value, right?

KK procured his friend’s electronic rat trap, which electrocuted its victims.   I set it up with a piece of smoked gouda.   I figured if the rat was going to ride the lightning, he should at least have a decent last meal.

No hits.

My Terminix guy came by yesterday & offered to set up some traps for me.   As he attached the tension bar to the bait plate, I realized he was doing it differently than how I’d done mine.   Apparently I set my snap trap wrong.   Oh well.   Six hours later I heard the trap go off.   From the tip of its tail, the rat was over a foot long, & it likely hadn’t taken the smoked gouda in the electronic trap simply because it couldn’t fit.

Anyway, thanks Terminix guy.


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