Executive Center Parking

If I can save just one person in the world from suffering the parking structure hell that I experienced today, writing this post with a smashed left forefinger will have been worth it.

Today I had an 11:30 luncheon/seminar at Hukilau Restaurant, located in the Executive Center at 1088 Bishop Street.   Downtown is intimidating if you’re driving, & since I would be, I asked some downtown-familiar friends where the parking was.   “Drive down Bishop, look for the 7 Eleven on the right, & the parking ramp will be just after it,” I was told.   I actually never saw the 7 Eleven, but I did see a ramp on my right entitled Executive Center Parking, so I took it.

I was 15 minutes early.   Little did I know that 15 minutes was not enough to find parking in this structure.   In fact, 20 minutes was not enough.   In fact, there was NO FREAKING PARKING.   AT ALL.   NO TIME WAS ENOUGH.

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