Cafe Miro

Cafe Miro is a very elegant yet comfy French-Japanese restaurant on the corner of Waialae & 9th Avenues in Kaimuki.   My sister, my nephew, & I had dinner there tonight; I’ll give you guys a quick description of the format, then we can get to the food porn.

At Miro, you choose either the 3 course meal or the 4 course meal.   Both meals are extremely affordable & each course consists of at least a few choices.   They also make their own chicken patè, which is quite decadent, & I’m at this very moment very angry at myself for not remembering to try the foie gras donburi.   I guess I’ll have to go back.

Anyway, the photos, taken with my HTC phone.   Those who can’t appreciate my dubious skills as a photographer are welcome to visit the restaurant themselves & see if they can do better (I highly recommend it).

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