Cafe Miro

Cafe Miro is a very elegant yet comfy French-Japanese restaurant on the corner of Waialae & 9th Avenues in Kaimuki.   My sister, my nephew, & I had dinner there tonight; I’ll give you guys a quick description of the format, then we can get to the food porn.

At Miro, you choose either the 3 course meal or the 4 course meal.   Both meals are extremely affordable & each course consists of at least a few choices.   They also make their own chicken patè, which is quite decadent, & I’m at this very moment very angry at myself for not remembering to try the foie gras donburi.   I guess I’ll have to go back.

Anyway, the photos, taken with my HTC phone.   Those who can’t appreciate my dubious skills as a photographer are welcome to visit the restaurant themselves & see if they can do better (I highly recommend it).

The appetizer sampler plate: a delicious deviled egg, a raw oyster (I forget the name but it came from British Columbia) with a wonderful herb butter sauce, jellied uni (my favorite!), the best crab cake I have ever tasted, & blackened ahi in wasabi mayonaise.   Oh, & my nephew’s Gerber cheese puffs.   The crab cake tasted like it had cream in it, but it was actually some kind of lobster bisque that made it so moist.   I always try the crab cake, because good crab cake is actually pretty rare – it’s always either too salty, too dry, too herby, or has too much filler.   This crab cake was, as I said, practically creamy, but still very perfectly crabby, with a wonderfully light outside.   Really the best crab cake I’ve tasted, I think, in my life.

Appetizer Sampler

Cured King Salmon with ikura & very mild Maui onion in a dill vinaigrette.   I’ll almost never eat cooked salmon, but I can’t resist it raw.   The presentation of this dish was breathtaking; the dish itself is beautiful & topped with a cloud of onions it was just perfect.   The salmon concoction itself was very good, although I’ve had better.   I personally don’t feel dill is a good match with salmon, but maybe my tastes are just not refined enough.   Still, it was gorgeous to look at.

Cured New Zealand King Salmon

Kona Abalone & scallop in a mushroom fond de veau (translation: veal brown stock?) sauce, which was mushroomy, buttery, & tangy.   I don’t know what the green sauce was.   But screw the sauce.   The abalone was HEALTHY.   It was like abalone steak.   The scallop was scallop.   But that abalone… I’ve had sex that was not as good as that abalone.

Alabone & scallop

Panfried opah in almond butter.   This was highly recommended to us by our server Trent, & it was an excellent choice.   I shy away from opah because it’s so often dryer than I like, but I had faith in the chef.   I’ve seen him around the restaurant a few times, & he seems like a real asshole, but I think he’s a great chef.   The opah was succulent & the sauce was delicious, with very flavorful sliced almonds.


I forgot to take a picture of the soup du jour, which was a cream of mushroom.   Whenever anyone says “cream of mushroom,” I automatically think of Campbells soup.   However, this soup was nothing like any Campbells soup, ever.   It was a very well seasoned cup of mushroom, onion, & garlic, not actually creamy, but not thin either.   I’ve never had such heartily good tasting soup.   I’m pretty sure my blood pressure is through the roof from the salt though.   However, it was worth it.   Good thing the serving is so small.

For our main courses we had the roasted rack of lamb (medium rare, as lamb should be), & I could not resist the panfried duck comfit.   I’m a comfit fool.   The lamb was awesome, perfect; the duck was tender, flavorful, & the skin was sinfully crispy & fat.   Although the menu dictated a balsamic vinegar sauce, I’m not sure if that was what my duck was in.   It was also very mushroomy.   And there were brussel sprouts.   I love brussel sprouts.


For dessert we had the cheese platter, which consisted of an Irish cheddar, brie, & a really special cambozola that I had the last time I was at Miro, last year.   Trent had actually called me earlier in the day trying to remember if it had been that cambozola I had so well appreciated & I couldn’t remember, but as soon as I saw it, I knew he was right.   We also had the dessert sampler, which contained a perfectly made vanilla bean creme brulee, a slightly too sweet for my taste orange mousse, & a sorbet (guava?) that was delicious & had a wonderfully light texture but was too sweet for me.   My sister fully enjoyed the sorbet.


It was totally necessary to have a cup of tea with the cheese.   I didn’t care much for the breads but screw the breads.   Trent also brought us a bit of very, very yummy gorgonzola which was perhaps more blue than white… I may have liked that better than the cambozola.   And the crazy thing is, I don’t like bleu cheeses.   But I loved these.   They were not bitter at all; they were just all flavor.

Anyway, I guess we have to go back for the foie gras.   Oh well.


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